RICOH InfoPrint Productivity Tracker

Capture operational data that helps you reduce total cost of print

About RICOH InfoPrint Productivity Tracker software

Identify and document the best approaches to improving print processes and reducing costs. Our print shop management software logs events on cutsheet and continuous feed devices, extracts the information and organizes it in a relational database. After you install it on your PC, you can define and query events throughout the production cycle and view information about printer performance, operators, work shifts and job completion. You’ll be able to calculate uptime, downtime, labor costs and much more.


  • Lower print costs by capturing and analyzing data about operators, machines, work shifts and job completion.
  • Increase control of print production with tracking based on operational standards, reports, long-term trend analysis and more.
  • Automate data gathering with print productivity software that saves time, improves accuracy and organizes information for easy access and use.

Broaden your ability to track predefined or user-defined activities

Productivity Tracker gives you the ability to address your entire print production workflow and environment. In addition to the data captured by the productivity software, you can insert pre/post equipment events into the statistics database using the touch screen graphical interface. Further, authorized users can access the database via the web to simplify information sharing and decision making.

Drill down into print productivity and reports

Produce standard or custom reports with graphs to communicate findings and improve decision-making. It's easy to create, save and email reports that can be organized by enterprise, print center, print system, work shift or operator. Select views by day, month, quarter and year and export reports in PDF, CSV or print formats. More than 10 standard reports are available, and they include:

  • Throughput Report (focuses on continuous feed devices)
  • SNMP Printer State
  • Operator Productivity
  • Interventions
  • Toner Usage

Take more steps to improve your print shop’s operational efficiency

Extend the usefulness of Productivity Tracker in additional ways:

  • Ask our implementation and training team to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Opt for the WebServices API to expedite data extraction and integrate with other applications.
  • Generate a Print Server Volume report when you link to your RICOH ProcessDirector server.
  • Identify and resolve machine errors quickly after they are reported by the software.

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Achieve operational excellence
Achieve operational excellence

Achieve operational excellence

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Commercial & Industrial Printing

Commercial & Industrial Printing

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Rely on the production experts

Rely on the production experts

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