Automate steps in your production print prepress workflow to decrease errors and save time.

About Fiery® JobFlow™ Workflow Automation Solution

Streamline print job production using a browser-based prepress workflow system that prevents errors, reduces waste and improves customer communications. Fiery® JobFlow™, which is part of the Fiery® Workflow Suite, automates job preparation steps. Configure workflows to integrate tools for PDF conversion, preflight checks, correction and editing of PDF files, image enhancement, document imposition, job ticketing, notifications and more.


  • Increase productivity with fast job setup, on-the-fly edits on the print shop floor and automatic correction of file issues.
  • Improve profitability by decreasing human errors and conducting preflight checks to minimize rework.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with online job submission and up-to-date job status email notifications.

Increase operator productivity through prepress automation

The more you move from “hands-on” to “hands-off” in your print shop, the more you can increase profits. Fiery® JobFlow™, which runs on a Windows® PC and your internal network, automates repetitive tasks to improve accuracy, consistency and speed:

  • Converts incoming jobs into PDF files
  • Conducts preflight checks for fonts, spot colors, ink coverage, media size and more
  • Corrects files by fixing spot colors, adjusting for media size and bleeds, editing text and more
  • Enhances image quality with no user intervention
  • Applies job ticketing information, including color settings, media and finishing
  • Sends jobs to print through a Fiery® server or Fiery® Central print production solution

Improve customer communications with print workflow automation

Increase customer confidence and satisfaction with services that save them time and keep them in the loop without phone tag. Fiery® JobFlow™ helps you deliver a superior experience that earns repeat business:

  • Offer online job submission through cloud-based services like Dropbox.
  • Deliver accurate jobs on time because file problems are fixed prior to printing.
  • Send configurable email notifications based on pass/fail results at various stages of prepress.

Increase profits with print automation

Your investment in new technology can pay for itself sooner with expert integration, training and certification. Our production print implementation specialists follow standards-based installation procedures to minimize delays and disruption. They also can help you extend the value of your current equipment and resources, with an eye on peak performance.