Fiery® Central

Improve productivity and capacity by unifying printers and processes in a single workflow.

Invest in your growth by increasing automation, control, visibility and adaptability

Enhance productivity and optimize capacity with Fiery® Central, which enables you to create a centralized print production system that connects workflows, print devices and business management systems. Unify and control the system through one user interface, using consistent processes for non-Fiery Driven™ digital presses and Fiery Driven™ Ricoh digital printers.


  • Improve digital print production capacity, turnaround and productivity with centralized management.
  • Expand your offerings and adapt to changing customer needs with access to products in the Fiery® Workflow Suite.
  • Minimize errors and delays with comprehensive integration that encompasses prepress, web-to-print, print MIS and more.

Control production from a single point of control

Eliminate bottlenecks that slow down throughput and revenue. The Fiery® Command WorkStation® provides a single point of control to speed job completion with time-saving shortcuts:

  • Select templates — based on frequently used job settings — and send jobs directly to print.
  • Split, route or reroute jobs easily based on the printers’ capabilities.
  • Schedule the optimal production scenarios after checking each printer’s workload with EFI™ PrintFlow.

    Offer new high-profit, value-add services

    Adapt to changing market conditions and customer requests by automating more parts of your operation. Access these Fiery® Workflow Suite applications through Fiery® Central to refresh your offerings and improve profitability:

    • Fiery® Impose: streamline imposition steps for jobs that involve book printing, gang-ups, cutting and stacking.
    • Fiery® JobMaster: use powerful makeready and late-stage editing functions to streamline complex documents that include scanning, tabs, finishing and other elements.
    • Fiery® JobFlow: automate repetitive prepress tasks such as preflighting and job approvals with email notifications using any supported web browser, from which you can send jobs directly to Fiery® Central.

    Integrate output management and workflow with business systems

    The more you can view in a single interface, the easier it is to run your business with fewer errors. Fiery® Central provides integration points to enable bidirectional communication through certified, industry-standard JDF workflows and to connect:

    • Third-party prepress applications
    • Web-to-print systems
    • Scheduling solutions
    • Print MIS systems

    Simplify technology transitions

    The more quickly and easily you integrate new technology, the faster your investment pays off. That’s why it makes sense to engage our consultants. They assess your business, marketplace and opportunities before giving you objective recommendations. Our professional services team customizes and implements your solution swiftly and smoothly, helping you avoid delays and unexpected costs.


    Fiery® Central Software

    Fiery® Central base software can run on a user’s PC system.

    Requires Windows® 7 Professional/Ultimate 64-bit, 2.0 GHz dual core processor or above, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk drive, DVD drive, 1 USB port for Fiery® Central dongle

    • Includes printer licenses for three Fiery Driven™ printers
    • Includes Fiery® Command WorkStation®
    • Includes Fiery® Central Balance features
    • Supports a maximum of 12 printer licenses
    Fiery® Central Server Hardware (optional)

    The optimized Fiery® Central Server hardware runs the preloaded Fiery® Central software more efficiently out of the box.

    Fiery PRO80-based hardware: Intel Core i5 2400 (3.1 GHz, Quad Core, 6 MB cache), 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    • Includes printer licenses for three Fiery Driven™ printers
    • Includes Fiery® Command WorkStation 5.5
    • Includes Fiery® Central Balance features
    • Supports a maximum of 12 printer licenses