Ultimate Bindery®

Automate finishing to achieve hands-free production workflows

About Ultimate Bindery

With Ultimate Bindery® finishing software, you can extend your production workflows to include bindery. This software easily integrates into prepress workflows, acting as an agent between jobs in prepress and post-press finishing. By automating manual tasks, you can minimize operator intervention, run consistent setups and finish materials correctly — the first time.


  • Reduce paper waste and setup time —Prevent inaccurate impositions from being sent to designated finishing devices with automated preflighting.
  • Lower total cost of print — Avoid custom development costs with ready-to-use finishing device drivers.
  • Increase throughput and expand capacity — Produce variable length products on the fly, with no manual make-ready.

How it helps

  • Manage workflows with simple drag-and-drop operation.
  • Preflight each job for finishing before printing.
  • Automate the setup of linked finishing devices within finishing workflows.
  • Manage jobs using your computer or tablet via the web-based user interface.
  • View job status, resubmit jobs, generate exportable reports and more from the dashboard.
  • Configure finishing devices quickly using built-in smart forms.

How can Ultimate Bindery® benefit your business?

Extend your print production workflows into bindery with finishing software that increases throughput for short runs, web to print, hybrid printing, variable data printing, books and transactional documents.

Drag-and-drop workflow control
Simplifies creation, management and editing of single or multi-vendor workflows.
Preflighting for finishing
Helps prevent wasted time and materials by validating that jobs match the capabilities of the selected equipment and by alerting an operator if errors are detected.
Linked device setups
Saves time and streamlines job completion by automating setups within finishing workflows.
Web-based interface
Eliminates potential production disruptions because job finishing can be managed from any location.
Dashboard-based job management
Increases efficiency with the ability to view and sort active jobs, select finishing workflows, view errors, return information to a print MIS system and more.
Built-in smart forms
Presents device configuration options based on entered information and provides a sortable list of devices to simplify device selection. Connectivity to prepress workflows
Addresses diverse customer requirements with support for inline and nearline finishing.
User management capabilities
Enhances security and control with the ability to create, edit and delete user accounts; assign user rights; and more.
JDF tickets
Eliminates costly errors and delays with dynamic ticket generation.