RICOH TotalFlow® Prep

Speed document production by automating prepress steps

About RICOH TotalFlow® Prep

Files arrive from multiple sources in multiple formats, and TotalFlow Prep prepress software helps you quickly and accurately transform them into print-ready PDFs. TotalFlow Prep, which can be used in most production print environments, comes with standard and optional workflow and editing tools. Users can maximize substrate sheet size, insert tabs with text and artwork, create paperless job tickets to streamline production and more.


  • Improve efficiency by automating repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Reduce costly errors, reprints and wasted consumables that cut into profitability.
  • View, manage and manipulate files and other information easily using the graphical user interface (GUI).

Speed prepress workflow activities with the intuitive GUI

Complete make-ready steps using an interface that is suitable for new and experienced operators and designed to reduce clicks, errors and delays:

  • Use preset or custom settings to complete frequent tasks automatically.
  • Scan and edit content to clean up scanned images to reduce rework.
  • Make changes, such as fixing typos, adding images and inserting tabs, to print-ready files on the fly.
  • Route jobs to printers automatically based on the print and media capabilities of sheet fed printers.

Make the best use of your media

Streamline imposition tasks for simple and complex jobs by using tools that help you minimize waste:

  • Use standard imposition templates or create your own to set marks, creep values, scaling and more.
  • Apply auto gang-up calculations to adjust the number of "ups" given sheet size, marks, bleeds, etc.
  • Opt for advanced imposition features for barcodes, banner sheets, custom cuts and registration marks.

Share job information visually throughout your shop

After you visually assemble jobs, you can use hot folders to automate common tasks such as printing booklets or business cards. Visual ticketing lets your entire production team view job-critical data. Add special instructions directly in the ticket. Change a job setting once, and everyone can see it immediately and make the necessary adjustments.

Improve profitability by increasing accuracy

Mistakes can be expensive, especially if they require job do-overs. TotalFlow Prep prepress software provides several capabilities that help prevent errors prior to printing:

  • Preview every print job, including finishing selections.
  • Apply forward and reverse creep settings to create perfectly aligned bound content.
  • Use the Light Table view to be sure that front pages align with back pages and to align all pages within a document.
  • Take advantage of user codes to control who can access the GUI and manipulate the visual tickets.

Meet commercial print deadlines with precise control

When you produce commercial print jobs properly in the least amount of time, you're more likely to satisfy your customers and earn their loyalty. TotalFlow Prep digital prepress workflow software helps you shave time off tasks while assuring quality:

  • Access the media catalog or create custom options using the Ricoh or EFI® JDF-enabled print controllers. The catalog syncs automatically when you use TotalFlow Prep preflight printing software with RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager.
  • Add, move, replace or eliminate tabs in seconds. With support for bleed-edge tabs, you can use shapes and colors to make documents easy to navigate.
  • Use the Bates Stamping feature to control increments and page repeats for documents with unique numbering schemes.

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