Fiery® Impose

Simplify print preparation with imposition software

Unleash the power of precision printing through streamlined automation

Fiery® Impose simplifies the preparation of digital files for printing in a user-friendly imposition software designed for ease. It works seamlessly with Fiery® Command WorkStation®, streamlining print production workflows. Create booklets, arrange prints in custom styles, or make last-minute edits prior to printing and then finish with support for cutting and stacking, or connect seamlessly with Duplo finishers for a comprehensive printing solution. Sharing the same workspace as Fiery® JobMaster™ and Compose, you can handle all your pre-printing tasks in one easy-to-use interface.


  • Export imposed PDF to customers to simplify proofing and approval process
  • See imposition changes as you make them with the visual, interactive interface
  • Speed production with imposition templates to automate common layouts

Take control of your pre-printing tasks

Experience seamless adaptability in any print environment. Fiery Impose easily installs on both Mac and Windows clients, as well as locally on the Fiery server. You'll find all your makeready tasks conveniently consolidated within a single, user-friendly interface. Enjoy a fully visual user experience complete with comprehensive job previews, and you can benefit from integrated Acrobat Pro and PitStop Edit for quick adjustments. Take advantage of a risk-free 'try before you buy' opportunity using Fiery® Impose in demo mode.

Experience intuitive, simple printing

Immerse yourself in a transformative printing experience. Witness your imposition changes come to life with a captivating visual and interactive interface. With the convenience of drag-and-drop capabilities, you can smoothly merge and reorganize pages. Preview all your print jobs with precision and clarity and view each page in its intended print layout, providing you with the confidence that what you see is precisely what you'll get on paper.

Embrace efficiency in your printing tasks

Elevate your printing workflow with unparalleled convenience and precision. Modify imposed files seamlessly and handle last-minute edits with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro and Enfocus PitStop Edit integrated right into the Fiery® Impose interface. From standard to variable data jobs, impose with equal simplicity. Preview each record before printing to ensure what you desire is exactly what will come out. Plus, simplify the proofing process by exporting imposed PDFs to clients, ensuring a smooth approval process.

Optimize performance without jeopardizing your workflow

Simplify your workflow while keeping high performance standards. Define media requirements with the help of your print engine's extensive Paper Catalogue database. With Fiery® JobMaster™, you can complete document editing and layout duties in a single unified workspace. Increase efficiency even further by using barcodes that seamlessly integrate with Duplo finishers, providing a smooth and precise finishing process.

Achieve more with fast and flexible imposition software

Imposition is fully integrated into Fiery® Command WorkStation, so you can impose jobs with ease, with no extra steps or app switching required, optimizing your workflow while maintaining accuracy to save time and improve overall productivity. Work from anywhere, whether on the Fiery server or on your Windows® or Macintosh® clients. Imposition templates may be used to automate popular layouts and speed up production. Additionally, you can easily sync with automation tools like Hot Folders and Virtual Printers for a more efficient approach.