Convert Xerox® raster document object files to PostScript® and PDF to simplify printing and archiving

About RSA RDOPrint™ Production Print Transform Software

RDOPrint™ converts proprietary Xerox raster document object (RDO) files from Xerox® DigiPath® and FreeFlow™ Makeready to PDF and PostScript®, making it easy to view and store documents, and to print them on virtually any printer. Using RDOPrint™, you improve access to information, protect your investments in RDO files and optimize output for MicroPress®, PowerPress™ and Smart Board™.


  • Save time by printing transformed RDO jobs with no manual document re-ticketing and little or no additional makeready.
  • Lower total cost of print by consolidating workflows and sending print jobs to local or remote production printers.
  • Be free to purchase the production print devices that best support your business strategy.

Move RDO jobs to the printers of your choice

Proprietary RDO files lock down your information and require you to maintain a separate workflow and device capable of printing the data. Instead, “mainstream“ the documents with RDOPrint™

  • Automate file conversion and printing through hot folders and auto-print.
  • View, share and archive information easily in PDF format.
  • Maintain an audit trail of the automated workflow for processing files.

Remove production print bottlenecks

Eliminate proprietary software and manual interventions that can drive up costs, slow throughput and hinder your ability to take on new work. RDOPrint™ streamlines many production print steps:

  • Generates an XML job ticket for each file that retains all ticketing and formatting, including tabs, in PostScript® — no manual document re-ticketing
  • Requires little or no additional makeready
  • Enables batch conversion for continued editing in RSA ReadyPrint™ with ticketing
  • Allows you to import RDO files, including ticketing, into a RSA WebCRD™ catalog to simplify ordering

Migrate smoothly to modern network printers

Engage our production print implementation specialists to install and integrate new software so you can focus on your core business. Our experts follow standards-based procedures to minimize delays and disruption, and they also can point out opportunities in your environment to lower costs, improve accuracy and increase profitability.


System Requirements
Input: Local disk, CD-ROM/DVD/removable media, FTP or network drive

Input Format: Convert RDO documents created with XDOD 4.2 and Xerox® DigiPath® and FreeFlow&trade Makeready

Supported RDO Content Formats: TIFF/G4, TIFF/JPEG, TIFF/uncompressed, PDF and PostScript®

Standard Output: Production printer and file server

Output Format:
•PostScript® Level 3 with embedded, compressed images
•Embedded setpagedevice commands for media selection, duplex selection and other job ticket functions on printers that support this feature
•Enhanced support for select production printers

Software Environment: Runs on a customer-supplied Windows PC