Turn PostScript® data into Adobe® PDF to simplify archiving, searching and viewing

About RSA PDF Pro™ Transform Software

Recommended for archive and reprint applications, PDF Pro™ creates indexable Adobe® PDF files. The software is used in conjunction with RSA transform products including M.I.S. Print™, IPDSPrint™ and VIPrint™, which convert mainframe datastream output such as LCDS and Metacode to PostScript®. PDF Pro™ converts PostScript® into true PDF, including PDF/A, to make legacy information accessible and useful.


  • Manage information better and faster with PDF capabilities of searching, copy/paste and dynamic naming.
  • Leverage your investments in document composition with digital information delivery.
  • Support compliance requirements with PDF/A for long-term archiving.

Present and deliver information digitally

Breathe new life into legacy documents with flexible presentment and delivery methods that can save your customers time and reduce postage costs. PDF Pro™ converts mainframe datastreams into TIFF files or PDF files that you can index and search. Simplify and speed information management with the ability to:

  • Split, index and bookmark PDFs.
  • Integrate document management with PDF archival solutions.
  • Name documents and distribute them dynamically via email, FTP and the network based on variable data fields in the print stream.
  • Find, view and/or reprint statements and other types of documents instead of raw data.

Accelerate your return on investment

Implementing new software yourself can take time away from customer service and revenue-generating activities. Focus on your priorities by engaging our implementation specialists to install and integrate your software, and train your operators. Our standards-based procedures help streamline the implementation and minimize disruption.