RSA M.I.S. Print™

Transform LCDS and Metacode datastreams for printing on network, midrange or production printers

About RSA M.I.S. Print™ Transform Software

RSA M.I.S. Print™ converts LCDS, DJDE Metacode, XES/UDK, SCS, ACSII and EBCDIC line data to PostScript® with complete fidelity. You’ll increase productivity by printing these datastreams on modern network, midrange or production printers instead of legacy output devices. The software keeps print resources in sync, promoting consistent output among systems and locations. M.I.S. Print™ can be co-resident on select production devices.


  • Reduce print production expenses because you no longer need to retain and maintain output devices dedicated to specific legacy datastreams.
  • Increase efficiency with the ability to reprint jobs without host reprocessing.
  • Accelerate throughput because you don’t need to make any changes to existing print job tickets or workflows.

Transform legacy datastreams effortlessly

By printing proprietary, legacy information on PostScript®-enabled devices, you can repurpose information easily and take advantage of distributed printing. M.I.S. Print™ requires no host reprocessing or changes to job tickets or workflows. Maintain excellent throughput with support for:

  • Highlight color and a range of paper sizes
  • Diverse media and inline job finishing
  • Full and subset reprinting as needed
  • Migration of long-run jobs from continuous feed printers to network printers that can produce portions of the work in less time.

Improve information agility

Manual processes for accepting and processing print jobs can slow you down and increase errors. Instead, automate another key aspect of your print operation with RSA QDirect™, which accepts jobs from any source, including the network, mainframes, hot folders and M.I.S. Print™. From a single point of control, the software allows you to manage and route print jobs to destinations including production printers, archival systems, email and external prepress and workflow applications.

Accelerate return on investment

Installing new technology may pull you away from your core purpose: serving customers and generating profitable revenue. Stay focused by engaging our implementation specialists to help you get up and running quickly based on standards-based procedures. They will integrate your software and train your staff to use it in the most efficient manner.