RSA Mainframe Downloader™

Encrypt and transmit legacy datastreams via TCP/IP from mainframes to production printers.

RSA Mainframe Downloader™ Connectivity Software

Mainframe Downloader™ software eliminates the need for restrictive wired connectivity such as bus-and-tag or ESCON and enables print jobs to be sent from mainframes to production printers via TCP/IP. The software runs on the host, pulls print jobs from the JES spool, encrypts and compresses the data, enabling transmission of LCDS, Metacode and XES data. Each host license supports an unlimited number of devices, whether they are local or remote.


  • Lower costs by removing hardwire-based connectivity and eliminating associated maintenance fees.
  • Eliminate the physical distance limitations of wired connectivity to enable printing on remote devices and disaster recovery sites.
  • Satisfy security and auditing requirements with integrated AES encryption.

Send print jobs over the network

Wired connections come with built-in distance limitations, and they’re expensive to maintain. Mainframe Downloader™ replaces hard-wired communications with open standards-based network file transmission, allowing you to transmit legacy datastreams to RSA’s transform software for conversion to PostScript® or PDF. Connectivity options include RSA M.I.S. Print™ and RSA QDirect™ to manage mainframe data sets alongside network jobs.

Streamline job submission and throughput

Speed through mainframe printing jobs because Mainframe Downloader™ minimizes the need for manual intervention by:

  • Maintaining data integrity
  • Keeping carriage control, record structure and binary data intact
  • Communicating JES parameters to receiving systems
  • Allowing you to add banner pages or DJDEs to mimic JES exit processing

Accelerate production print ROI

DIY installation and learning takes time and may lead to inconsistent results. Instead, engage our production print implementation specialists to provide expert integration, training and certification. By following standards-based procedures, our team completes work quickly and accurately so you can reap the benefits of your software investment as soon as possible.


Mainframe Downloader ™ provides:
A core module with a license for one mainframe — additional licenses can be purchased.
Reliable connectivity from IBM® z/OS hosts running JES2.