Transformations Uluro uPayments

Offer your customers a convenient, easy-to-use electronic bill payment process that reduces your printing and mailing costs

About Uluro uPayments payment processing software

An electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution, Uluro uPayments doesn't require time-consuming, expensive programming. Delight your customers with convenient, simple, secured “pay now” options for transactions such as monthly invoice payments and fundraising donations. An easy-to-use, brandable cloud-based subscription service, uPayments shortens time to cash and reduces costs related to printing, postage and mailing.


  • Streamline your billing and revenue capture process with automation that reduces human error and enables multichannel delivery choices.
  • Present statements, bills and invoices electronically in B2B and B2C environments using rights-based security.
  • Acquire and retain customers by supporting their individual preferences for print or e-communications.

Modernize customer communications

Consumers increasingly prefer the ease and convenience of viewing documents and making payments electronically. But building an e-delivery and e-payment solution from scratch can be complicated and challenging to maintain. uPayments automates the process and presents identical documents in multiple delivery channels: print, web, text, telephone (interactive voice response) and HTML email — a single solution to satisfy all customer preferences.

Enhance customer acquisition and retention

Electronic payment processing can help you attract new business from digital natives and satisfy current customers who want less paper in their lives. Deliver the information security and e-flexibility they expect, while supporting your business objectives:

  • Set up payments via credit cards, checks and automated clearing house (ACH).
  • Offer overpayment, partial, future, recurring and guest payment options.
  • Add convenience fees or processing fees.

Deliver a superior customer experience

Reinforce the value of e-communications with confirmations related to actions such as statement receipt and payments made. Service representatives also can view account details to improve customer interactions. Collect and use historical customer information to customize statements with relevant messages, offers and promotions. Enable continuous improvement through metrics and surveys.

Implement electronic payment processing with expert guidance

Our experienced consultants — knowledge that helps you avoid potentially costly missteps. After an initial assessment, our team can help you create a strategy, develop a business plan, set expectations and identify metrics. We'll design, implement and support a solution for starting up EBPP or increasing your EBPP adoption rate.