Quadient® Inspire™

Engage your customers with personalized omni-channel experiences that build loyalty and increase revenue

About Quadient® Inspire™ Customer Communications Management Software

The Quadient® Inspire™ modular enterprise communications platform enables you to create, design and deliver in-brand personalized messages to your customers in their preferred digital or non-digital format. Ideal for print service providers and enterprises, Quadient® Inspire™ integrates your communications processes to provide a single view of each customer and a single interface to simplify business-wide collaboration, content management and compliance.


  • Accelerate go-to-market plans within a rapid development print environment that includes quality control, security and compliance features.
  • Launch new offerings quickly using a common document process that supports collaboration and enables centralized control.
  • Improve response rates based on insights that incorporate demographics, transaction history and predictive modeling.

Improve the experience of users and customers

Legacy systems, changing regulations and disconnected business units restrict your efforts to increase customer engagement and revenue. Quadient® Inspire™ allows you to execute an integrated omni-channel communications strategy with five core capabilities:

  • Customer communications management (CCM) platform consolidation. Integrate legacy systems, templates and data.
  • On-boarding. Speed adoption with digital forms and processes, prepopulated data and eSignatures.
  • Business user empowerment. Enable web-based collaboration, interactive quote creation and content authoring.
  • Output management. Produce output on demand or batched. Send communications via channels including print, email, web presentment, SMS, mobile, fax and social media. Communicate interactively with your customers to manage responses immediately.
  • Compliance management and auditing. Track and log user events to support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Increase security with encryption and fingerprint verification. Synchronize omni-channel previews, and obtain approvals via mobile or web.

Give users the ability to connect, collaborate and control

Whether you manage clients for a print service provider or are involved in customer communications management for your enterprise, Quadient® Inspire™ simplifies your tasks — starting with a single view of customers and their journeys. Depending on the modules you choose, some or all of these capabilities can make your job easier:

  • Integrate the communications process including postal sorting; address, phone and email verification; mail delivery tracking and production monitoring.
  • Automate your entire document process and connect it to business systems such as ERP, ECM, accounting, call center and data analytics.
  • Design documents dynamically using imported data, personalized images, white space management, color management and more.
  • Reduce errors with content management capabilities that include version control, business rules and access control.
  • Improve future communications and campaigns by capturing, tracking and managing customer responses in call centers, store visits and other channels.

Deliver compliant, personalized communications expertly

Keep customer service representatives, marketers and compliance officers involved throughout the communications process. Quadient® Inspire™ guides users through each communication, focusing only on the fields that require their attention. Additionally, the software helps you ensure precision and accuracy in other ways:

  • Bring together output from your current customer communications systems or establish a single CCM platform without changing your IT infrastructure.
  • Manage risk by ensuring that communications meet brand standards and comply with government regulations.
  • Track and approve communications created by users with a click of a button, and rely on auditing capabilities to track content changes.

Customize your customer communication management solution

Maintain continuity across document design and production functions with modules that span process management and automation, customer communications, response management and customer insights:

Inspire Designer. Expedite document design by incorporating data from any source, importing designs, preparing data and workflows, and laying out pages graphically.

Inspire Interactive. Use web-based document design and standard, in-brand templates to enable line-of-business ownership and enterprise-wide consistency.

Inspire Connect. Implement this web services interface to automate multichannel customer communications.

Inspire Approval. Maintain accuracy and control with a document proofing and approval system.

Inspire Content Manager. Use version control management to facilitate collaboration and accurate deployment of new document applications.

Inspire Print Output. Acquire comprehensive document print datastream support, including Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™), PostScript®, PCL, Metacode, XML and PDF.

Inspire Multi-Channel. Match each customer's channel preference with print and non-print choices.

Inspire Campaign Manager. Target and execute customer communications campaigns across multiple channels and multiple touch points.

Inspire Compare. Maintain document integrity from version to version.

Inspire Content Manager Web. Manage brand assets centrally to support analytics-driven marketing.

Inspire Dashboard. Track and analyze customer communication activities to help fine tune campaigns and increase response rates.

Inspire Storefront. Develop and manage branded web portals or storefronts to make it easy for enterprise users and print-for-pay customers to access CCM services using a web-based, self-service model.

Achieve your customer communications management vision

Differentiate your business by how well you communicate with your customers — your most important asset. Our customer experience management specialists help clarify your CCM objectives, customize and implement a solution, train your staff and provide support. Maintain a competitive advantage by working with experts in document composition, postal and data quality, production print services, and electronic bill presentment, payment and accessibility (EBPP).