Quadient® ConnectSuite e-Certify

A complete Certified Mail shipping and tracking solution

Simplify your Certified Mail processing with e-Certify

Quadient® ConnectSuite e-Certify automates the processing of Certified Mail® and enhances your mail tracking abilities. Web-based, employees can work from anywhere on this easy-to-use platform which is paired with digital tracking for a cost savings on every Return Receipt item.


  • Save time with batch processing and reduce manual efforts
  • Track and archive mail in one centralized, easy-to-search platform
  • Store electronic return receipts securely in the cloud, saving time and money

Process certified mail faster with an intuitive web interface

The ConnectSuite e-Certify platform provides everything you need in a single, centralized, and intuitive portal. Grant and manage access permissions to multiple users. Streamline mail preparation and tracking processes. Quickly and easily see the status of your Certified Mail from anywhere and view Return Receipts electronically, all stored securely in the cloud application.

Eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency

The process flow of ConnectSuite e-Certify certified mail software reduces the need for manual preparation, one-off tracking, and storing paper receipts for your records, saving both time and space. Batch processing can help your team upload multiple addresses at a time, further streamlining certified mail processing efforts.

Gain insight with advanced tracking and reporting capabilities

Never lose track of important certified documents and keep track of their delivery status on ConnectSuite’s portal. Electronic images of customer signatures are securely stored in the cloud and users can receive automatic email notifications when signatures become available. Paper receipts and “green cards” are eliminated with digital archiving, keeping you organized and able to find any document when you need to access it.

Reduce costs by going digital

ConnectSuite e-Certify certified mail software helps you save money not only by making your mailing process more efficient, but using the platform’s Electronic Return Receipt also saves you money on each letter. Using a USPS digital signature in place of the traditional “green card” saves more than a dollar per letter.