Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Capture OnTheGo™

Increase productivity with data capture and e-forms that users can download, edit and share

About Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Capture OnTheGo™ Document Workflow and E-Forms Software

Capture OnTheGo™ consists of a web admin panel, PlanetPress® Connect and your mobile devices. The software works with your existing environment and applications, allowing you to create documents and e-forms using information from any of your systems. In addition to modernizing forms and providing digital document workflows, the solution enables role-based access controls, branding, data capture and information sharing.


  • Accelerate decisions and transactions by automating processes such as invoicing or updating systems after data is captured in editable e-forms.
  • Design HTML documents your way to enable accurate, complete information sharing among workers, customers and systems.
  • Safeguard sensitive information with self-hosting and role-based control of users and groups.

Improve business outcomes with data capture and e-forms

Capture OnTheGo™ helps you improve customer service, productivity and cash flow by eliminating lag time and time-consuming activities — for example, manual data entry and trips to the office to pick up forms or to deliver signed forms. Users can perform these and other actions on their mobile devices:

  • Download PDF documents such as user guides or data sheets.
  • Download HTML forms, either blank or partially filled in, for completion and/or validation.
  • Interact with e-forms. Select options using drop-down menus or check boxes, fill in text boxes or edit existing text, add pictures and geolocation data, annotate pictures, add signatures, capture handwritten data and more.
  • Archive data on-premises and retrieve it easily when a digital pen is used for tasks such as signing documents and checking boxes.

Customize document design and user access

With no predefined templates or preset items to worry about, you can design forms your way with PlanetPress® Connect using your data. Brand the app and documents to match corporate standards, ensuring a professional, consistent appearance. When you're ready to put documents and e-forms into use, you control access to them:

  • Configure users and groups with the web admin panel.
  • Allocate mobile licenses based on roles and groups.
  • Manage groups so users see and download only the documents intended for their group.

Share information effortlessly with digital workflows

Accelerate processes such as confirmation emails, invoicing, billing system updates and other events by triggering them when data is captured in e-forms and sent to the office. Bad connection? Not a problem. Submitted documents are queued automatically and sent when a connection returns. You’ll impress both employees and customers by improving accuracy, flexibility and speed:

  • Distribute invoices, reports and other documents by print, email, fax or web.
  • Store documents and e-forms that are available for download in an onsite repository that you control and protect.
  • Enable users to conduct searches and sorts by customer name or document category.

Improve efficiency, accuracy and control with digital workflows

Protect your software investment with expert assessment, installation and integration. Our production print services implementation specialists use a standards-based approach that minimizes disruption and delays. We'll install Capture OnTheGo™ to meet your requirements, then train your staff and provide support.