RICOH AFP Resource Installer

Ensure consistent color output across high-speed devices

About RICOH AFP Resource Installer color management software

Be sure you get exactly the color you expect, with our color and resource management software tools for Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) datastreams. AFP Resource Installer consolidates four interfaces into one that allows you to install and manage AFP color management, font and image resources. The resources can be stored externally and fetched as needed for printing. Integrate AFP Resource Installer into your color production workflows, and you can improve overall digital color management.


  • Print consistent color and monochrome output using different high-speed devices.
  • Manage color, font and image resources efficiently using a professional, graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Integrate the tools into your color production print workflow to improve digital color management throughout the process.

Print with consistent color every time

Inconsistent color output puts off commercial print customers and can be expensive to troubleshoot and rerun. AFP Resource Installer ensures consistent, accurate color output across different high-speed printers by providing the control you need over color, font and images to obtain output that matches exact specifications.

Create and map color management resources

The color management resource (CMR) installer lets you create CMRs from files containing color data, index them and reference them when you want to find an exact shade. Also, you can map device-specific CMRs to generic CMRs in order to replace a general description of the intended output with specific instructions for producing the output on a particular device.

Work efficiently with data objects

The data object installer manages files that contain image object data such as JPEG and TIFF files. The use of this installer allows you to modify the final appearance of color data by controlling how it’s rendered. Save time by associating CMRs with a data object, searching resource libraries for an installed data object and replicating changes in a resource library to other libraries.

Control fonts to better engage readers

Our color management software also includes a font installer that provides additional control over document appearance. The installer manages WorldType fonts for AFP print servers, WorldType fonts for AFP clients and other OpenType/TrueType fonts in Microsoft® Unicode format.

  • Add characters to a font by linking another font file to it.
  • Search for a character in a font by Unicode value or by code point.
  • Use the code page installer to manage AFP code pages and the extension of ASCII and EBCDIC-encoded data to Unicode.

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