Fiery® ColorGuard™

Achieve consistent and reliable color quality with every job

Protect color quality with ColorGuard

The greater the color accuracy, the more satisfied the customer and the greater the business opportunities. Fiery® ColorGuard™ simplifies the recalibration and color verification processes for your digital presses and helps to establish distinct reference standards. Seamless integrations with color management tools ensures that color quality remains precisely on target, adapting to shifts in printer and environmental conditions.


  • Reduce costly job reprints due to poor color quality
  • Deliver real-time color verification data to production teams
  • Conveniently boost production accuracy with custom color verification presets

Boost efficiency by reducing print errors

Unlock more efficient, cost-effective, and quality-driven print production. With Fiery® ColorGuard™, increased color accuracy reduces costly job reprints and color quality concerns. This comprehensive tool helps ensure that your print production can:
  • Harness the full potential of color data, granting print production teams the insights and control needed to maintain impeccable color quality standards.
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction with each job.
  • Increase your profitability by significantly lowering costs through waste reduction and minimizing rejected print projects.

Streamline workflows for optimal performance

Experience seamless integration and enhanced color management with the EFI® Cloud Connector. This innovative tool effortlessly links your Fiery printers to IQ services, providing a streamlined workflow and optimal performance.
  • Equip press operators with the ability to measure and verify color output, providing precise control over color quality throughout the printing process.
  • Cater to the needs of production managers and print business owners with the ColorGuard cloud application, offering comprehensive features to analyze color data, set schedules, and generate reports.

Elevate your processes with data-driven insights

The Fiery® ColorGuard™ Cloud application offers a powerful array of reporting and product management, revolutionizing color management and streamlining operations within your printing environment:
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of shop floor activities, enabling a quick and efficient assessment of ongoing operations.
  • Allows the creation and maintenance of recalibration and verification schedules for each connected printer, ensuring that color accuracy remains at its peak performance.
  • Enables users to view color performance data at any time and from any location, providing the flexibility to monitor and manage color quality remotely.
  • Offers a trend dashboard that provides valuable insights into color quality trends across all Fiery Driven printers, aiding in strategic decision-making and continuous improvement efforts.

Optimize performance with advanced reporting features

The Fiery® ColorGuard™ Desktop application offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to empower press operators and streamline color management in printing operations:
  • Prompts print operators to perform scheduled recalibration and/or color verification for specific print systems, ensuring consistent color accuracy.
  • Enables operators to perform recalibrations as needed, maintaining optimal color performance and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Facilitates the seamless upload of verification data to the cloud, allowing print production managers and owners to efficiently review and analyze the color data for further insights and decision-making.

Enter a new era of printing

The Fiery® ColorGuard™ will ignite productivity and simplify your print production workflows by enabling the creation of customer color verification presets, increasing color accuracy and decreasing costs due to costly reprints. Plus, all print systems will remain fully compliant with industry-leading color quality standards. It's a win for you and your customers.