Fiery® Color Profiler Suite

Produce precise, vibrant colors accurately and consistently using integrated color profiling tools

Earn new and repeat business with superior digital color management

Improve customer satisfaction and increase your profitability with the Color Profiler Suite, which works directly with the ICC profiles on your Fiery® server. The integrated software tools enable you to deliver precise, vivid color reproduction in mixed printer environments — a capability that’s essential to strengthening your customers’ brand identities and attracting new business.


  • Increase productivity by using wizard-based tools for creating, editing and inspecting profiles.
  • Reduce errors and waste by optimizing color at every workflow step.
  • Comply with your preferred industry standards when you proof or print jobs locally or remotely using diverse monitors and printers.

Surpass customer expectations while lowering operational costs

Inability to finesse color can cause inconsistencies and errors that upset customers and cut into profitability when you spend time troubleshooting and reprinting jobs. Increase your color confidence and precision with tools that allow you to:

  • Adapt easily to changing requirements with the ability to create, inspect, edit and maintain ICC profiles and G7-compliant gray balance.
  • Verify color for its compliance with standards such as ISO and GRACol to speed buyer approvals.
  • Match color on sheet-fed and wide-format Fiery Driven™ print devices, allowing you optimize throughput by splitting jobs and/or delivering the same color on different jobs.

Control color quality throughout your workflow

Make color management expertise part of your marketing story and competitive advantage. Inspire print buyers to differentiate their businesses through striking colors that you can deliver repeatedly with exceptional control:

  • Preview profiles to detect potential measurement issues and correct them prior to printing.
  • Recalibrate servers quickly, when necessary, by following standard procedures using in-house spectrophotometers.
  • Proof files locally or remotely by creating custom ICC display profiles to ensure consistent monitor-to-monitor color appearance.
  • Collect data to track color quality trends for continuous improvement purposes.

Turn both novice and seasoned operators into color experts

The easier it is for your staff to use color management software, the more smoothly jobs flow, creating capacity for growth. With a minimal learning curve, your operators can complete these and other tasks quickly:

  • Link calibration, profile and image quality settings to make relevant information instantly viewable.
  • Fine tune profiles with global color adjustments such as skin-tone changes, memory colors, gray balance, node edits, white point and more.
  • Correct color selectively, such as specific color regions or profile nodes.

Accelerate ROI on digital color management investments

The sooner you eliminate costly errors and reprints, the faster your investment pays off. Engage our color management experts, who focus on your entire color management chain, including devices, standards, processes, training and certifications. They simplify technology transitions so you and your staff get up to speed rapidly and confidently.