EFI® Fiery®XF

Accelerate digital color printing, elevate color management and comply with industry standards

About the EFI® Fiery® XF Digital Printing Solution

EFI® Fiery® XF, a professional, high-speed RIP solution, works with more than 700 inkjet and toner printer models. Using this modular client/server technology, your graphic arts business can achieve exceptional color results for proofs that need to meet industry standards such as ISO and G7. The included Fiery® Command WorkStation® user interface makes it easy for you to manage, lay out and edit digital printing jobs.


  • Get up and running quickly on Windows® and Macintosh® systems using application wizards for set up and configuration.
  • Expedite job flow with fast verification of key and spot colors using the Dynamic Wedge™ control strip.
  • Gain the visibility and insights you need to keep your operation running as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Unify digital print job management

Oversee jobs, efficiency and profitability easily when you run your print operation through a single interface. The Command WorkStation® allows you to connect multiple printers to one Fiery® XF server, and it provides superb usability for Windows® and Macintosh® users:

  • Find, sort and preview jobs quickly by selecting the relevant thumbnails.
  • Create custom views or filters during searches to help you with print production planning.
  • Set job defaults for consistency, with the option to change settings on the fly when necessary.
  • View information about devices, consumables, media and job requirements.
  • Migrate archived jobs from the Fiery® XF to a network storage location and share jobs with all of your Fiery® servers.

Support digital printing industry standards

Integrate Fiery® XF into open standard workflows for access to the tools you need to master proofing and printing tasks:

  • Produce ISO 12647-7/8-compliant validation prints and contract proofs.
  • Deliver G7-compliant proofs.
  • Process PANTONE® Plus spot colors and Adobe® PDF/X files.
  • Maximize brand impact when you print spot colors, graphics and images by utilizing the PDF 2.0 color features supported by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine.

Boost file processing speed

Looking for a simple growth strategy? Process files faster so you can accept more jobs. Fiery® Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP) increases throughput by using multiprocessing and parallel processing to enable jobs to spool, process and print simultaneously. Built-in production print capabilities include tiling, nesting, cutting, late color editing and more.

Keep honing your color management skills

Satisfy customers who expect perfect color every time with a solution that uses ICC technology along with advanced iterative spot and process color optimization routines. A dynamically created Dynamic Wedge™ control strip shows a job’s key and spot colors to assist you with color optimization and color calibration. Enable operators of all skill levels to accomplish diverse tasks:

  • ICC profile creation, including multichannel and device link profiles
  • Profile monitoring, inspection, correction and editing
  • Overprint, transparency and gradation controls
  • Maximizing fidelity while maintaining ideal gray balance

Strengthen your digital color printing capabilities

Implementing new technology yourself can shift your focus away from revenue-generating activities. Instead, deliver new or enhanced offerings confidently after our color management experts train your staff and transfer knowledge related to devices, standards, processes and certifications. Engage our professional services team to customize, install and integrate the Fiery® XF to ensure comprehensive control of printers, cutting engines and print/cut devices.