EFI® Fiery® DesignPro

Increase productivity with textile design software tools and color consistency.

About EFI® Fiery® DesignPro textile design software

Go from concept to production efficiently with Fiery® DesignPro textile CAD software, which integrates with Illustrator® or Photoshop® and provides comprehensive fashion and textile design tools. Share your designs with others who can view or print them on devices that are calibrated by Ricoh's Color Management Services team. Make decisions faster and support brand consistency when everyone sees the same colors.


  • Accelerate time-consuming fashion and textile design tasks with software that integrates with Adobe® applications.
  • Minimize delays while speeding collaboration and approvals when devices like monitors and scanners are color calibrated to match yours.
  • Lower operational costs with subscription-based pricing that includes software updates and technical support.

Enhance productivity with textile CAD software

Design prints, wovens and knits much faster with Fiery® DesignPro compared to using the Adobe® applications only — and boost design creativity and power within environments that you already know: all Adobe® Creative Cloud versions on Mac® or PC computers. The software also integrates with other systems, such as Fiery® XF and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, increasing efficiency beyond the design team.

Speed product development

With the right tools, you can develop more products in less time and send them to market sooner. In addition to setting up, storing and re-purposing templates, designers can do other tasks in a few keystrokes:

  • Generate color ranges and send them to Fiery® workstations and proofing stations.
  • Complete color reduction, live repeats, artwork cleaning and recoloring.
  • Produce garment sketches and storyboards.

Ensure color consistency on all types of devices

Avoid potentially expensive delays and errors with the color calibration and color profiling services provided by our Color Management Services team. Uncalibrated monitors, scanners, print devices and other equipment can derail projects because your team members don't see the same colors. With calibrated devices, your designers can focus on design instead of troubleshooting technical issues.

Simplify color conversations

Communicate color accurately based on your preferred standards and practices. Paired with Color Management Services, Fiery® DesignPro textile design software promotes consistent, efficient collaboration:

  • Create colorways for all types of artwork, including plaids, stripes and florals.
  • Save color palettes and share them with co-designers.
  • Receive automatic, real-time updates when colors or palettes change.
  • Develop color books to simplify color matching.

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Achieve operational excellence

Achieve operational excellence

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Commercial & Industrial Printing

Commercial & Industrial Printing

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Rely on the production experts

Rely on the production experts

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