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Centralize control of printers, print queues and job management enterprise-wide

About RICOH InfoPrint Manager enterprise output management software

Enterprise printing can be complicated if you have a mix of platforms, multiple Windows® print servers, multiple datastreams, various user interfaces, and so on. InfoPrint Manager provides centralized, web-based control of printers, print queues and print jobs located anywhere on your network, enabling monitoring and management from a single point. Using a Java™ or web-based graphical user interface (GUI), you can manage a single sheet-fed device, a fleet of continuous-feed devices or a mix of multi-vendor office and production devices in z/OS®, UNIX®, Linux®, AIX®, Windows® and Mac® environments.


  • Consolidate current Windows® or other print servers to a single RICOH InfoPrint Manager instance, reducing administrative and infrastructure costs.
  • Improve productivity by increasing print server response times while supporting business-line applications, mainframe printing and legacy jobs.
  • Boost asset utilization by controlling the office printers, cutsheet printers and continuous-feed devices of major print vendors.

Simplify enterprise print management

A single InfoPrint Manager enterprise print management server can replace all of your current print servers and allow you to centralize and control print, including job retention and reprinting, locally or remotely. The secure login option allows you to leverage your LDAP credentials. After you automate job flows, print administrators, not IT resources, can manage print. Simplify printing for everyone involved:

  • Rely on intelligent document routing and scheduling based on attributes like size, color, resolution and media type.
  • Integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Transform multiple data streams in real-time and increase your file input/output options.
  • Improve device utilization with automated processes and load-balancing capability.
  • Expedite print job communications and chargebacks with tracking, accounting and notifications functions.
  • Streamline the print experience for mobile users while tightening security.

Safeguard sensitive information

InfoPrint Manager output solution helps to keep print jobs that contain confidential information in the right hands. Strengthen security with these optional features:

  • Linux Mobile Secure Print offers a secured pull print solution on InfoPrint Manager for Linux, mobile user authentication, secure print from mobile devices and more. The included Ricoh PDF driver interface ensures that workers have the same experience regardless of which device they choose, and it eliminates the need for you to manage multiple drivers.
  • Pull printing allows workers to authenticate themselves when they submit a job, and to authenticate their identities when they arrive at a printer to pick up the job.
  • Pull Printing allows workers to submit a job without targeting a specific printer. They can locate and print the job at a later time by authenticating themselves on any supported printer in another building, state or country.

Enhance document and device management

InfoPrint Manager integrates with RICOH Streamline NX device management software, allowing you to better manage printing for mobile and onsite users:

  • Save time with the scan-to-me feature.
  • Provide ERP (SAP) and host printing to users of Streamline NX.
  • Simplify printing for Streamline NX users with InfoPrint Manager’s native transforms.
  • Offer finishing support.
  • Enable print recovery via InfoPrint Manager.
  • Obtain device-level reports.

Make it easy for users to print efficiently

The enhanced web-based graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies job submission and handling for users in the office and on the road. Boost productivity with these and other capabilities:

  • Get new users on board with fewer clicks.
  • Submit jobs through the web interface.
  • Schedule jobs based on page count instead of file size.
  • Start the web server and web interface automatically.
  • Use the Job Viewer to search PDF files.
  • Manage SAP output effortlessly

Manage SAP output effortlessly

Bring SAP printing under the control of InfoPrint Manager. You'll reduce the volume of calls for help and improve employee efficiency significantly with:

  • Centralized point of recovery via the help desk.
  • Reprint capabilities and legacy job manipulation.
  • High-availability solutions that include automated fail-over capabilities.

InfoPrint Manager is a certified SAP output management solution (OMS), including OMS callback support — meaning that InfoPrint Manager can update SAP with print job statuses and keep end users informed.

Make compliance simpler and easier

Mission-critical communications such as checks, invoices and statements often have service level agreements (SLAs). InfoPrint Manager provides assurance that you can fulfill SLAs because it delivers confirmations that jobs are not only printed but printed accurately. Also, you can count on jobs to be completed successfully thanks to:

  • Automated retries after unsuccessful print attempts.
  • Configurable job retention periods.
  • Automated reprinting in the event of a print interruption.



System and Software Requirements

InfoPrint Manager for Linux, AIX or Windows v4.6 (5648-F40)

Minimum hardware

Depending upon required capacity for printers and print workloads, a Linux®, AIX® or requirements
Windows Server® capable of running any of the operating systems listed below.

Minimum software requirements

InfoPrint Manager for AIX requires AIX Version 7.1 or 7.2. InfoPrint Manager for requirements
Windows requires Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Standard Edition or Windows 7® or Windows 8®
Professional or Windows 8 Enterprise® or Windows Server® 2012 or Windows 2012 Standard Server®
R2 or Windows 2016 Standard Server®.
InfoPrint Manager for Linux® requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 6 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 7 orSUSE Linux® Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 4 or SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server 12.
Pull Printing integration with Equitrac Office/Express version 4.2.4 or above.

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