Reactiv STAGE

Simplifies presentation delivery using RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Efficient communication for today's digital workplaces

Effective presentations should give your team the information they need to do their jobs well — not eat up all of your time. Reactiv STAGE is designed to address day-to-day business challenges and help you eliminate the fear of media incompatibility. A visual timeline puts everything you need at your fingertips, so you can flawlessly deliver engaging presentations. Save time on meeting preparation, meeting length and post meeting processes.


  • Simplify meeting preparation — combine multiple file types into a single presentation timeline
  • Create interactive presentations with drag-and-drop functionality, annotations, videos and more
  • Save time, improve collaboration and enhance team efficiencies

Open any file natively

What do you do when the files you need are in different applications? With Reactiv STAGE, you can open any file natively — including Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, mp4, PDF, JPEG, GIF and more. Simply add files to your presentation timeline from any application before your meeting and open them on demand. It’s easy to turn pages and zoom in/out to show further details. You can even arrange and compare any number of documents, files and videos with Reactiv’s powerful layout tool. Use your finger to drag files from your timeline — located at the bottom of your RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Display screen — into the display area, then press the Compare button to quickly arrange them for easy viewing. Have guests that need to present? No problem. Visitors can easily present by plugging in a thumb drive with their files and using USB mode.

Markup any document and manage revisions

Reactiv STAGE makes it easy to markup documents and files on your RICOH Interactive Whiteboard. Use a stylus to annotate and your fingers to manipulate any file. Reactiv STAGE can auto-detect and differentiate between stylus, eraser and the user’s finger for seamless interaction. With Multi Stylus input, multiple users can annotate documents at the same time. You can also choose to embed annotations into any Word® or PowerPoint® file. When you revise a document, Reactiv STAGE automatically saves it as a new file with date and time stamps. Easily track revision history and view all added, removed or modified annotations after your presentation.

Enjoy enhanced video playback features

Adding videos to meetings can help keep your audience engaged, but opening a separate application to play the video takes time and can interrupt the flow of a presentation. With Reactiv STAGE, you can easily open any video from your presentation timeline. Resize the video display, zoom in/out, speed up, slow down, advance and rewind with your fingers. Need to make notes on or about the footage? You can annotate any part of the video and save a single scene as a jpg file with the time stamp.

Manage additional displays

Enjoy the convenience of projector and secondary screen integration with just a few touches. Choose to share one document at a time on a second screen or mirror your entire screen with RICOH Projectors or additional RICOH Flat Panel Displays. With PJLink, you can control and manage your projector without needing a dedicated remote. “Swipe to share“ throws selected files to additional displays for easy viewing — so you can focus on presenting engaging content.

Powerful presentation software meets innovative hardware

Reactiv STAGE software works hand-in-hand with RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays (also known as Interactive Whiteboards) and RICOH Projectors. Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays are easy to mount on the wall or on a stand. With our annual service contract option, we’ll make sure your equipment keeps running at its best. For even more peace of mind, we can provide live tech support when you need it with our service and support option.

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