Qwizdom Ximbus & Qwizdom Oktopus

Classroom collaboration and student engagement solutions for RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive presentation and collaboration software for K-12 education

With so many technologies on the market, it can be difficult to piece together the right combination of K-12 classroom solutions. The Qwizdom Ximbus/Oktopus bundle solves this by containing all the interactive learning tools you need in a single package. The web-based Cloud solution (Ximbus) and locally installed software solution (Oktopus) both work seamlessly with RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays (also known as Interactive Whiteboards).


  • Easily create interactive classroom lessons featuring student collaboration, video, polls, educational games and more
  • Choose the method that works best for you — leverage web-based Cloud applications or locally installed tools and features
  • Gain all the tools of high-end solutions at a cost-effective price point created with school districts in mind

Qwizdom Ximbus: A web-based Cloud lesson creation solution

Qwizdom's web-based Cloud application, Ximbus, provides easy Microsoft® and Google™ integration for the K-12 classroom. Simply sign in with your Office365™ education or Google™ for Education account. Build lessons using Microsoft OneDrive® or Google Drive™ files — just bring files into your timeline and save. You can easily add YouTube videos, images, web links, PDFs and more to your lessons. Once ready, add students to classrooms by inviting contacts from Microsoft Teams® or Google Classroom. You can also post completed lessons to these platforms.

Qwizdom Ximbus: Engaging classroom presentation and management tools

With Ximbus, teachers can present live in class while students follow along on their own devices. Easily enrich content with multimedia and instant student polls for live feedback. Attach articles, questions, voice notes and comments. Teachers can even grant students temporary rights to work on the content from their tablets. A monitoring feature allows you to view if students navigate off the lesson and redirect their attention back to you. You can also assign materials to be reviewed before and after class and check how long each student has spent on the lesson.

Qwizdom Oktopus: A locally installed lesson solution

Qwizdom's locally installed solution, Oktopus, provides high-end classroom presentation tools at an affordable price point. Enjoy the superfast pen and zero pixelation. With native 4K right out of the box, there's no expensive dedicated graphics card needed. Software and features are available via perpetual license.

Qwizdom Oktopus: Interactive teaching widgets and features

With Oktopus, teachers can create engaging lessons with more than 70 interactive teaching widgets. Encourage participation with whiteboarding, up to 8 polling questions and classroom collaboration on up to 5 devices. Reinforce learning goals with Game Zones for individual students or small work groups and free premade lessons. Need more advanced features? The optional Oktopus Blend upgrade gives you access to thousands of Standards Aligned Lessons, integration with Google Classroom™, classroom collaboration on up to 40 devices, flipped learning and online courses, instant grading, online reporting and more.

Interactive classroom software meets innovative hardware

Qwizdom Ximbus and Qwizdom Oktopus work hand-in-hand with RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays (also known as Interactive Whiteboards). Your license code is included with the Education controller. Classes are password protected, and only invited participants are granted access. Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays are easy to mount on the wall or on a stand. With our annual service contract option, we'll make sure your equipment keeps running at its best. For even more peace of mind, we can provide live tech support when you need it with our service and support option.