One-tap launch-pad for the modern meeting using Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Better meetings from the start

Quicklaunch™ serves as your one-tap launch-pad to everything you need to run a modern meeting using a Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD). It can bring together whiteboarding, video conferencing and web access — along with tried and true conference room applications like PowerPoint® and Excel®. Quicklaunch also integrates with over 20 conferencing vendors.


  • Save about 10 minutes per meeting — usually spent with AV related untangling
  • Simplify deployment and reduce IT support requirements
  • Increase meeting productivity and reduce meeting related costs
  • Improve communication and get a better payoff for the time invested in meetings

Seriously simplified start screen

Many things can prevent a meeting from starting promptly, from lack of education to the technology itself. Starting meetings can take up to 10 minutes of the meeting time due to audio and visual issues. Quicklaunch™ provides a simple and effective home base for bringing your people together without the AV configuration annoyances. Use Quicklaunch™ to:

  • Join meetings
  • Start applications
  • Launch websites
  • Access data and content
  • Share device screens

Consistently easy user experience

With other systems, the lack of a standard, easy-to-use interface makes it challenging for users to join meetings and collaborate on work. Not only can Quicklaunch™ determine the type of meeting and start the appropriate controls for you, it also provides a consistent, user-friendly experience:

  • Join meetings with a single touch for easy content sharing
  • Keep camera, speaker and microphone controls visible for easy access
  • Provide meeting control for over 20 conferencing vendors with Meeting Manager
  • Choose from preset themes
  • Customize the interface with logos, background image and colors/fonts
  • Create event action tiles and access from the Quicklaunch toolbar
  • Utilize enhanced Exchange™ Calendar integration

Built for security

Quicklaunch™ security provides peace of mind to both the end user and IT. Security-centric capabilities include: Room Reset, Lockdown Mode, Secured Settings and Advanced Security Options. Users are prompted to check in for meetings by entering their credentials or a code to enter the meeting room. A Room Reset function, which can be timed, locks the system again. Data is encrypted locally, and meeting event data is tracked and reported.

A great fit for your workspace

Quicklaunch™ is a great fit for Ricoh customers with Interactive Flat Panel Displays who are looking to improve the experience for meeting participants, regardless of the meeting room type or connection method. Participants not using a large format interactive display can still join and participate using their PC, or they can use the interface as a self-service kiosk linked to a meeting room schedule. The Quicklaunch interface is approachable and ideal for a wide range of environments, including:

  • Individual spaces
  • Huddle rooms
  • Training and conference rooms
  • Forums and auditoriums

Additional Resources

Additional Resources




  • • Enhanced HDMI Sharing to connect HDMI devices for sharing content
  • • Simple and automated MSI Installer
  • • Automatic, scheduled or user-determined timing for updates

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