ScanSnap SV600

Overhead Scanner

ID: PA03641B305-DS

Overhead, contactless scanner with a fresh approach to document scanning

  • Type: desktop, overhead scanner (USB)
  • Scanning speed: 3 seconds per page
  • Optical resolution: Horizontal, 285 to 218 dpi
  • Image sensor: Lens reduction optics | color CCD x 1

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Transform your scanning experience

Experience the freedom of overhead, contactless scanning with the SV600. This innovative scanner handles various document types like newspapers, photos, paintings, and books up to 30 mm-thick, as well as delicate and fragile documents, all without damaging the original documents. With its overhead LED, it offers a wide range of scanning modes and resolutions, from 150 dpi in color to 1,200 dpi in monochrome.

Enhance document management with versatile scanning

Preserve your most prized possessions - from cherished books to handcrafted art with damage-free scans. Effortlessly digitize an abundance of documents using the Multi Document Detection function, accommodating up to 10 items in a single scan. Elevate your workflow with ScanSnap Home – your ultimate hub for managing all your scanned materials.

Adaptable and efficient in every setting

The SV600 is your adaptable companion, transforming any location into a productivity powerhouse, from personal projects to small offices, educational settings, corporate offices, healthcare settings, and more. Page Turn Detection initiates new scans, so you don't have to press the button, while Multi Document Detection automatically crops and rotates scanned images so you don't need to change driver settings with mixed batch scans.

Exquisite attention to detail

Harness the brilliance of lens reduction optics and a cutting-edge color CCD sensor for flawlessly detailed imagery. Effortlessly capture images with automatic size detection and book image correction, securing perfect scans. And with its advanced overhead LED technology and specialized lens reduction optics, you can capture clear images of non-standard document types up to 30mm.

Connects easily and scans simply

Stay connected seamlessly via USB, while having compatibility with both Windows and macOS software. To scan, you can press a button for every page, use timed interval scanning, or use the page turning detection feature. ScanSnap driver and ScanSnap Home software simplifies the scanning and organization of scanned images.

Embrace sustainable technology

Committed to environmental sustainability, the ScanSnap SV600 adheres to ENERGY STAR® and RoHS ratings (USA only). With power consumption as low as 0.4W, it's designed to minimize energy usage as much as possible. The scanner's compliance with these recognized certifications reflects a dedication to reducing environmental impact, aligning with Ricoh's sustainability goals to create a sustainable world for future generations.

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