Pro L4130/L4160

Wide Format Color Latex Printer

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Go bigger, bolder and brighter for your customers

The RICOH Pro L4130/L4160 Wide Format Color Latex Printers give print professionals the power, quality and speed to land more work. As the demand for wide-format applications like signage, vehicle wraps, oversize displays and custom packaging continues to grow, the Pro L4130/L4160 helps you deliver the intense color, lifelike image quality and range of media options to serve more of your clients' needs quickly and affordably.

Easy operation and eco-friendly inks, which are free from solvents, let you quickly set up new workflows without requiring extensive training or special ventilation, so you can start delivering output faster.

Large soccer poster on wall

More applications to drive more revenue

Whether inside or outdoors, packaging a product or wrapping a vehicle, the Pro L4130/L4160 latex printers give you the flexibility you need to produce exactly what your clients want. Support retailers, advertisers, exhibitors, event planners and more to help them attract and inform customers.
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Advanced inkjet technology for outstanding results

Proven Ricoh inkjet printheads and high-quality latex inks create photo-like output of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Work from a wider gamut with CMYK printing plus orange, green and white inks to match more brand colors and achieve exceptional, long-lasting results.

Wide-format performance that benefits your bottom line

Select from choices in print width and output speed to find the right match for your workflows today, and help support your growth goals for tomorrow. An 8-ink cartridge capacity, virtually no drying time and efficient workflow capabilities mean you can produce more applications faster, and take on more work.

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Profitably expand your wide-format commercial print offerings to capture big opportunities and create bold, colorful new applications. 

Light up kiosks at bus stop with zoo ad

Go big on a broad range of media

The RICOH Pro L4130/L4160 wide format printer handles specialty media up to 63.8” wide and 55.1 lbs. Latex ink allows greater media flexibility, enabling printing on coated and uncoated stocks, weatherproof media, polyester cloth/cotton, adhesives, acrylic, synthetics and more to produce both indoor and outdoor applications. The cold-cure process also extends the printer's capabilities to include heat-sensitive media.

Make an impact on consumers with posters and signage

Produce posters and promotional displays that influence shoppers' decisions. High quality images and color matching on a wide variety of media help your customers sharpen their competitive edge, and drive engagement and purchases. Offer backlit signage, soft signage, advertising posters, point of purchase/point of sale materials, window graphics and more.

Billboard above subway of player kicking soccer ball


Printed piece on kiosk of woman in front of USA flag

Retail posters

banners hanging from ceiling rails

Exhibition banners

Printed piece example of soda box

Easily print packaging and product labels

Offer your customers low-cost specialty packaging that makes a statement and stands out from the competition. Print and adhere durable, high-quality sheets to corrugated packaging. Add more value with the option of adding variable data for an even greater impact. The Pro L4130/L4160 latex printer lets print service providers create labels for food & beverages, cosmetics or other goods in small quantities without investing in exclusive label printers.
Outdoor round kiosk with fish printed poster

Print output that stands up to the elements

Ricoh latex inks pair with heavy-duty media like metal, plastic and phosphorus to provide longevity in trying outdoor conditions. Light-fast and weather resistant items such as banners, small billboards, car wraps, flags and transit signage maintain their bright colors and vivid imagery to capture attention and boost visibility for your customers, especially in heavily trafficked environments.
Large posters on walls in mall

Create memorable indoor displays

Personalized interior design for both home and corporate environments is a rapidly growing commercial printing market. Adhesive floor graphics, wall decals and floor-to-ceiling wallpapers provide an affordable, easy-to-apply solution for customers looking to decorate, customize and brand their spaces with unique designs.
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Turn to Ricoh's experts for long-term success

Whether you're looking to streamline workflows or want to learn how to leverage variable data printing in your large-format jobs, Ricoh Consulting Services offers a full portfolio of operational and business services to support your success today, tomorrow and down the road.

Ricoh inkjet print technology and durable latex inks help you deliver lifelike image quality, amazing color and more ways to meet customer requirements.

Close up of Pro L4130-L4160 ink cartridges

The difference starts with advanced Ricoh-developed ink

The RICOH Pro L4130/L4160 Wide Format Latex Printers utilize aqueous resin, eco-friendly latex inks made from latex polymer and pigment particles. They provide faster drying times than solvents, superior scratch resistance and the ability to print on affordable uncoated media. Plus, drying requires only a 140°F (60°C) cold cure, easily handling a range of heat-sensitive media for immediate use after printing.
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Superior printhead technology

The Pro L4130/L4160 is designed with bi-directional, high-speed printheads. Two printheads per device give you a total of 2,560 nozzles, delivering outstanding full-color image rendering. Multi-jetting capabilities support three different drop sizes at once, ensuring the exact amount of ink is dispensed every time for exceptional results across various media types.
decals on sodas in different colors

More colors for a broader gamut

Go beyond the basics with 6-color process printing plus white to deliver a superior product and achieve high customer satisfaction. When orange, green and white are added to the standard CMYK setup, the RICOH Pro L4130/L4160 can simulate approximately 93% of the PANTONE® Formula Guide/Solid Coated. Match corporate and school colors, create packaging and produce exceptional lifelike color on banners, retail displays, wraps and more.
Woman in front of bakery store front with decals on window

More media flexibility with white ink

Truly impress customers with white ink. Use it as a base color on clear substrates and transparent films to enhance the vibrancy of images and deliver dramatic effects on products such as backlit displays. The ability to print white as its own layer allows you to reproduce virtually any design that calls for graphics and headlines on darker substrates and meet some of today's most challenging creative requirements.
Buckets of paint with different colors

Depend on Ricoh Color Management Services

Ricoh has the expertise to help you identify and implement a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to achieve the highest level of color quality and secure your G7 Master Printer Qualification to be part of an elite set of highly sought after vendors with certified skills.

Get the speed, advanced workflow tools and fast drying times you need to keep your operations productive and profitable.

Wide-format printing that keeps up with demanding workloads

With print speeds up to 184 and 195 square feet per hour, the Pro L4130/L4160 delivers immediate value in production-heavy environments where balancing productivity and quality is a must.

L4130-L4160 full machine labeled parts
Close up of program windows for Pro L4130-L4160

Designed for simple operation

The Pro L4130/L4160 color latex printer comes bundled with RICOH Software RIP, a high-performance print driver designed to reduce operator training and simplify the most complex, graphic-intensive jobs. The intuitive, icon-based interface lets you check settings, set favorites and reuse past settings. Keep quality and workflow efficiency in check with layout imposition tools that save time and test prints to reduce costly errors.

8-ink cartridge design

Configure the system during installation to best meet the color and workflow demands of your business. Choose from three different color printing processes:

4-Color Process Printing

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black): When in 4-color mode, two ink cartridges per color can be installed. When one ink supply is depleted, the Auto Refill System automatically supplies the second cartridge.
4 color process
6 color process

6-Color Process Printing

CMYK + Orange, Green: Adding orange and green inks expands the color gamut, enabling the accurate reproduction of approximately 93% of the PANTONE® Formula Guide/Solid Coated.

6-Color Process Printing + White

CMYK + Orange, Green & White: Orange, green and white inks are added to the standard 4-color (CMYK) to maximize contrast and deliver superior color imaging. White can also be used as a base layer to add vibrancy for images that pop.
8 color process
Illustration of intelligent three way heater

Virtually no drying time

Set and maintain optimal temperatures during the entire print production process to drastically reduce drying time. The pre-heating process prepares the media prior to printing, preventing rapid temperature changes. The print-heater maximizes image quality, and the post-heater and drying-heater dry the ink after printing to ensure optimal quality, reduce blisters and expedite post-processing such as laminating and additional finishing.
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Better for you, better for the environment

Latex inks have very low levels of VOCs, unlike solvent inks. Reusable ink cartridge design lessens waste and reduces ink costs over time. The units wake-up every 30 minutes to run printhead cleaning and cycle white ink through the circulation line, preventing settling or separating, and reducing waste.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro L4130/L4160.

Wide Format Finishing

Colex Sharpcut SX-1616

A 5'x5' flatbed cutter that allows you to expand and automate your finishing capabilities. The package pricing includes a flatbed cutter, computer, stand, operating system and Windows® software, vision registration system, a three-horsepower router, two tool holders, installation and onsite training.

Colex Sharpcut SX-1631

A 5'x10' flatbed cutter that allows you to expand and automate your finishing capabilities. The package pricing includes a flatbed cutter, computer, stand, operating system and Windows® software, vision registration system, a three-horsepower router, two tool holders, installation and onsite training.

Colex Sharpcut SX-1631C

A 10'x10' flatbed cutter that allows you to expand and automate your finishing capabilities. The package pricing includes a flatbed cutter, computer, stand, operating system and Windows® software, vision registration system, a three-horsepower router, two tool holders, installation and onsite training.

General Specifications

Copying/Printing Process

On demand Piezo inkjet system (RICOH GEN5 two head in line)

Paper Source



900 dpi, 1200 dpi

Cutting Method

Cut after print; Print after cut



Memory Capacity

RICOH Software RIP Memory: 3GB or more (32 bit), 6GB or more (64 bit)

Hard Disk Drive


Max Power Consumption

Less than 1440W x 2 (100-120V), 1800W x 2 (200-240V)

Dimensions W x D x H

L4130: 103.5" x 33.7" x 56.4" (2,634 x 854 x 1435mm)
L4160: 113.2" x 33.7" x 56.4" (2,879 x 854 x 1,435mm)

Maximum Thickness

Roll media: 0.011" (0.3mm) or less
Cut sheet: 0.0079" (0.2mm) or less

Original Feed

Roll, cut sheet
Media types supported include: Thin coated paper/PET/tarpaulin/weatherproof PVC/window film/polyester cloth/cotton/duratrans

Original Paper Weight

Media Weight: Maximum 55.1 lbs. (25 kg) or less

Original Paper Width

L4130: 53.6" (1,361mm); L4160: 63.4" (1,610mm)
Roll media: L4130: 54" (1,371mm) maximum; L4160: 63.8" (1,620mm) maximum; L4130/L4160: 8.27" (210mm) minimum
Cut sheet media: L4130: 54" (1,371mm) maximum; L4160: 63.8" (1,620mm) maximum; L4130/L4160: 8.27" (210mm) minimum

Power Source

100-120V, 50-60Hz, 220-240V
50-60Hz, 15A or less x 2 lines


L4130: Less than 447 lbs. (203 kg)
L4160: Less than 529 lbs. (240 kg)

Printer Specifications


RICOH Software RIP CPU: Intel Core i3 3.10GHz or more

Print Resolution

Drawing mode (scan x speed):
4 colors: 900 x 900: Bi/Uni 6/12/24 pass; 900 x 1200: Bi/Uni 8/16/32 pass; 1200 x 900: Bi/Uni 6/12/24 pass 1200 x 1200: Bi/Uni 8/16/32 pass
6 colors: 900 x 900: Bi/Uni 12/24/48 pass
6 colors + white: 900 x 1200: Bi/Uni 16/32/64 pass; 1200 x 900: Bi/Uni 12/24/48 pass; 1200 x 1200: Bi/Uni 16/32/64 pass

Print Speed

Pro L4130: Up to 184 sq. ft./hr
Pro L4160: Up to 195.9 sq. ft./hr

Supported File Formats

RICOH Software RIP Formats: EPS, PS, PDF (1.5 or later is not allowed), TIFF, JPEG, BMP

Supported OS

Installed PC OS: Windows Vista SP2 or later (32/64 bit), Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32/64 bit), Windows 8 Pro Enterprise XP Professional Edition (32 bit) SP3~, XP Home Edition (32 bit) SP3~
Client PC OS: Windows XP SP3 or later (32 bit), Windows Vista SP2 or later (32/64 bit), Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32/64 bit), Windows 8 Pro Enterprise, Mac OSX 10.3.3 – 10.7

Product Support

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