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Wide Format Flatbed Printer

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Flatbed printing to match the size of your imagination

New markets. New applications. New possibilities give your commercial print operation a path to profitable large-format production with the Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 Wide Format Flatbed Printers. Enjoy oversized printing on substrates up to 2" thick at speeds up to 645 square feet per hour. The system's 1200 x 1200 dpi image resolution delivers lifelike quality and helps both marketers and print shops alike make a big impression.

With its incredible ease of use, environmentally-friendly operation and intelligent design features, the Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 will keep you on schedule and in demand.
Eyewear advertisements in transit tunnel

Tap into a growing demand for large format printing

Support a broad range of exciting media choices with wide-format flatbed printers that will help you capture market share. Print on acrylics, glass, metal and more to create high-value signage, packaging and a unique selection of promotional materials to help brands connect with customers.
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Breathtaking image quality, job after job

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 large format printers bring together a selection of leading technologies, including Ricoh's Next Generation Piezo printheads and high-quality inks to produce outstanding, lifelike image quality. Six-color printing with CMYK + White, Clear and Primer helps you create more dramatic graphics.

Choose the speed and size that's right for your needs

With a choice in output speeds, table size and budget, both the Mimaki JFX200 and JFX500 deliver superb, fast results, color capabilities and the dependable production characteristics you need to capture more wide-format business.
Page size/panel p hr comparison between the Mimaki 200 and 500 models

Boldly go where opportunity awaits. As the wide-format market expands, embrace the technology you need to compete for high-value work and grow with it.

Layers of wood, metal, various media

More ways to make the media the message

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 flatbed printers offer exceptional media support, with the ability to print on substrates up to 2" thick, media weights up to 50 kg/m2, and a maximum printable area of 82.7" wide by 122" long. Print directly on hard and uneven surfaces, including acrylics, glass, stone, wood, polyesters, PVC, aluminum, foam board, polycarbonates and styrene. Automatic media height detection ensures the printer is set to print for optimal coverage and clarity.
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Help customers get noticed

The rich, vibrant color and broad range of supported media make it simple to create impactful signage, backlit displays, posters, point-of-purchase displays, construction signs, Coroplast® signs and more. Spot UV capabilities add visual impact to help you make messaging and images even more captivating.
Large lipstick packaging

Easily print packaging and unique products to drive sales

As customers look for packaging that goes beyond standard applications, help marketers drive more messaging with the ability to offer custom packaging solutions for a wide range of applications, from retail to shipping. Capture more opportunities with eye-catching promotional materials including coasters, custom license plates, lenticular designs, ID and membership cards, along with specialty and industrial applications.
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Produce materials that withstand the elements

Outdoor displays offer a significant opportunity to drive sales, and the Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 has choices in UV cure inks that are designed to protect your output from fading and scratching. Create advertising signage, exhibition graphics, event promotions and displays to help your clients attract customers and attention.
Large printed menu in cafe

Everywhere you turn, an opportunity to meet client needs

Today, large format print work is playing an important role in helping brands communicate and connect with their target audience. Take advantage of these opportunities and meet client needs by producing high-quality restaurant menu boards, maps and displays, novelty art and art reproductions for display or sale, and unique applications for office, airport, hospitality and healthcare spaces.
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Rely on Ricoh to help you maximize your return on investment

Ricoh offers the operational support, business insight and technical expertise you need to make the most of your large format flatbed printer. From operator training to color management services, along with software and solutions that add efficiency and productivity to your wide-format workflows, Ricoh Consulting Services has the real-world experience your business can rely on to stay successful.

To master exceptional image quality on unforgiving materials, start with advanced printing technology and proven inks that adhere better and last longer.

The right inks for any application

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 Wide Format Flatbed Printers offer six-color printing using CMYK plus available White, Clear and Primer inks. Choose LUS-150 or LUS-200 original UV-LED inks to suit the application, or LH-100 inks offering high scratch and chemical resistance for environments where applications may face more wear and tear. UV curing adds to the resilience of finished pieces.

The system's 1200 x 1200 dpi image resolution lets you confidently offer commercial printing customers the highest quality output, knowing that your work will meet the demanding requirements of outdoor and high-traffic applications.

Technology that delivers amazing images

With Ricoh's advanced Piezo Print Head Technology and variable drop size technology, up to three different drop sizes are applied at the same time, resulting in smooth, natural color gradations and impressive consistency for muted or light colors. A minimum dot size of 4 pL reproduces skin tones and sharp, small characters to eliminate grainy appearances.
Mimaki's Advanced Pass System (MAPS) applies ink in gradations over several passes using a mask pattern that greatly reduces image banding. Immediate UV-LED curing also aids in banding reduction.
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Add interest and ensure adhesion with Clear Ink and Primer

Add visual pop to images and graphics with Mimaki's Clear Ink. It also helps protect a finished piece, and can be applied to create beautiful matte or glossy effects to enhance impact. When printing on challenging substrates like glass, simply use Primer Ink before printing color to improve ink adhesion.
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Use White Ink to add vibrancy on dark or clear media

For optimal color and image quality printing on dark substrates, print first with White Ink to lay a clean base for CMYK printing. To create stunning backlit displays and signage, apply White Ink first to clear acrylics before printing color. Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) regularly circulates White Ink between the supply and the print head to prevent settling.
Stack of colored paper on dark background

Engage Ricoh Color Management Services for a brighter future

Ricoh has the expertise to help you identify and implement a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to achieve the highest level of color quality and consistency and benefit from less wasted time and supplies. Secure your G7 Master Printer Qualification to be part of an elite set of highly sought after vendors with proven skills to increase your productivity levels.

Easy operation and fast printing speeds make your wide-format workflows more efficient today — and tomorrow.

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Turn up the pace of your wide-format production

With newly developed Ricoh print head technology, the Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 Wide Format Flatbed Printers offer incredible output speeds up to 645 square feet per hour. Print up to twenty 4’ x 8’ boards per hour when applying four colors. A maximum print size of up to 82.7" x 122" — whether on a single piece of media or across multiple pieces — helps you print more productively to meet tight deadlines and tackle higher volume jobs.

Designed for ultimate ease of use

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 Wide Format Flatbed Printers offer built-in ways to help commercial printers achieve great results every time:

Operation Panel

Positioned on the front of the unit, the operation panel provides clear control and allows you to stay within an unobstructed sight line should you need to pause a job or make adjustments.
Mimaki operation panel
Vacuum table close up

Vacuum Table

A standard vacuum unit securely fixes the substrates on the flatbed, and helps prevent warping of media during printing. Four separate vacuum zones can be activated independently to apply maximum stability during printing.

Layout Pins

Standard layout pins scale and ensure board alignment, which is particularly useful when printing full bleeds.
Closeup of pins
Abstract design of colorful lines

Reliable performance to keep jobs on schedule

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 printer is ready when you are. The Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) takes over should the nozzle fail to clear and the system experiences nozzle drop out. A media jam sensor is provided to prevent problems, such as incorrect media measurement or warping. The ink circulation system prevents line clogging so print heads are supplied consistently.
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Intelligent print production features that fit your shop

The Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 flatbed printer comes with its own front end and RasterLink6 RIP software. Streamline RIP operations with the ability to save frequently used layouts and settings. Add Onyx Thrive for even greater productivity with a full featured, fully scalable PDF workflow solution. Based on the Adobe® PDF Print Engine, it’s optimized for superior wide-format performance.
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Environmentally-friendly printing

UV-LED lamps start up quickly and require no cooling time, resulting in less power consumption and a longer lamp life. Reduced heat impact and lower power requirements mean you use less resources and lower your total cost of ownership.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

We partner with today's leading vendors to deliver the solutions you need to produce the work you depend on. Contact us to learn more.

Wide Format Finishing

Colex Sharpcut SX Series

A fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into an efficient short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing graphics. Applications include graphics, displays/POP's, packaging and textiles/fabrics and supports a wide range of media. Models include the Sharpcut Creator SX-1717 (5.5' × 5.5'), the Sharpcut Pro SX-1732 (5.5' × 10.5'), the Sharpcut SX-3216 (10' × 5') and the Sharpcut SX-3232 (10' × 10').

General Specifications

Copying/Printing Process

On-demand piezo (2 printheads in a staggered configuration)


300, 450, 600, 900, 1,200 dpi



Max Power Consumption

AC 200-240V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions W x D x H

173.2 x 96.4 x 49.2 inches (440 x 245 x 125 cm)

Maximum Thickness

Up to 2.0" (50 mm)

Original Paper Weight

Media Weight: 50 kg/㎡ (10.2 lb./ft2), non-concentrated load

Original Paper Width

98.4" W x 51.1" L (2500 x 1300 mm)


1389 lbs. (630 kg)

Printer Specifications

Print Speed

JFX200: Up to 269 SqFt/Hr (25 SqM/Hr)
JFX500: Up to 645 SqFt/Hr (60 SqM/Hr)

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