KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900

Cutsheet Color Printer

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Satisfy customers with a wider range of color choices

Get photo-like image quality, industry-leading application support and high-volume reliability with the KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900 Cutsheet Color Printers. With print speeds up to 131 pages per minute, the NexPress digital press systems help you streamline operations while offering advanced application support.

A special Kodak Fifth Imaging Unit allows you to print using MICR toner, Gold Dry Ink and Dimensional Clear Dry Ink, while additional options for in-line coating and application-enhancing capabilities help you deliver production volumes at rated speeds — up to a staggering 96,000,000 impressions per year.

Eight hundred substrates to print on. What will you create?

Produce an astonishing array of print variety that jumps off the page with vibrant colors and bottom-line efficiency. From variable data printing for direct mail, transactional pieces and invitations, to high-volume MICR check printing, the KODAK NexPress digital press systems help you produce essential, stand-out work.

A Fifth Imaging Unit for more choices

Create unique output using the Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit. Print clear, gold and opaque white, along with dimensional raised clear textures, accurate spot colors, security features or MICR. Add watermarking or protective coating, and create high-impact glossing to capture attention and enable higher margin applications.

Premium print starts with a superior production system

Your customers look to you for work that captures the finest details. The KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900 production printers deliver, providing exceptional image quality with multi-bit 600 dpi technology and internal quality controls, along with options for image finishes from matte to satin and high gloss.

Add finishing solutions to complete the job

Complete print jobs more efficiently with feeding and finishing options that include a roll feeder and an in-line coater. Produce customer-ready work fast and handle more volume with less hands-on time.

Choose the right system to advance your business goals

Get choices in speed, volume and budget to select the right KODAK NexPress digital printer for your company. Take high-value color printing to the next level with support for an incredible range of applications produced at rated speeds, along with reliability that sets a new standard for uptime.

Create applications that wow customers and drive response. The KODAK NexPress digital cutsheet printers open new, profitable markets for your print organization.


Create high-value applications with oversized sheets

Standard paper feeding supports sheet lengths up to 20.47". A new long-sheet option expands both application flexibility and efficiency. With a 39.37” (1 meter) sheet length, you can print 6-page and 8-page brochures — or 3-up letters — as well as deliver more impositions per page, maximizing your output.

When it comes to media, the choice is yours

The range of media your KODAK NexPress can reliably print on is amazing — more than 800 qualified substrates — from 60 to 350 gsm uncoated or 80 to 350 gsm coated. The array of substrates includes synthetics, linens, FSC papers, packaging stocks, magnetic media and more.

Print documents with MICR and Red Fluorescing Dry Ink

Take on profitable new print jobs in the transactional, check printing and secured document spaces. The Kodak Fifth Imagining Unit supports MICR toner and lets you easily switch between MICR and non-MICR jobs. Red Fluorescing Dry Ink can be used to create watermarks, barcodes and security patterns that are virtually invisible to the naked eye for items like tickets, coupons or gift cards.

Add personalization to better connect with end customers

Variable data printing (VDP) is a powerful tool to boost response rates and help marketers achieve better ROI. The KODAK NexPress Front End is designed to easily handle image-intensive variable data to print stunning customized direct mailers, loyalty cards, coupons and more. Combine VDP capabilities with MICR printing and pursue profitable work in the transactional printing market.
Group of professionals collaborating

Look to Ricoh for business and operational expertise

The Ricoh partnership goes beyond great hardware. We stay committed to our customers' long-term success with best-in-class services executed by seasoned, trained professionals to help you and your staff realize the full capabilities of your KODAK NexPress digital printer.

See the potential with Kodak's Fifth Imaging Unit.


More colors, more coatings for more exciting color capabilities

Every KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900 printer ships with five imaging units, allowing you to create distinct effects, match brand colors and print standout materials that will help you compete. The systems ship with Light Black Dry Ink, and a broad range of additional options that allow you to further push your creative limits:

  • Print with Gold Dry Ink, or go tactile with Dimensional Clear Dry Ink
  • Expand your color gamut with Red, Green and Blue Dry Inks
  • Choose Fluorescing Red Dry Ink for anti-counterfeiting or MICR ink for check printing
  • Use the Intelligent Coating option for a protective satin coat, watermarking, flood or spot glossing

Add an exciting new dimension to printed pieces

Add texture to prints — similar to the effects of thermography — using Kodak's optional Dimensional Clear Dry Ink. Variable height lets you create a variety of tactile effects to make applications even more engaging. Apply with spot or overall coverage.

Add a golden touch to documents

Kodak's optional Gold Dry Ink achieves a variety of gold and color metallic effects, adding sophistication to invitations, direct mail, certificates and posters. Help your business stand out from the competition with the ability to easily produce luxurious looking promotions, quickly and affordably.

Meet stringent requirements with intelligent color solutions

Get extended color printing flexibility with the Fifth Imaging Unit:

  • Light Black HD Dry Ink (included with Fifth Imaging Unit): Produces smoother skin tones while maintaining superb details. Provides true grays and neutrals.
  • Clear Dry Ink: Create inline watermarking, spot or flood coating. The coating not only adds protection, it can also enhance graphics and imagery — even in VDP print runs.
  • Opaque White Dry Ink: Delivers excellent opacity in a single pass. Increase productivity and produce higher quality for applications like packaging, signage, labels and invitations.
  • Expanded Color Gamut: The gamut-expanding colors in the Fifth Imaging Unit match up to 92% of PANTONE PLUS colors within the 3 dE-2000 when Red, Blue, and Green Dry Ink are included.

Improve and protect the look of printed products with gloss

Add impact and longevity to printed output cost-effectively. Use your Fifth Imaging Unit Solution to get high gloss results with UV coating, with the added benefit of recyclability. Gloss coating not only adds impact to your prints, it extends the life of the print.

Deliver sharp, photographic image quality.


Kodak imaging technology

The KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900 cutsheet printers feature multi-bit LED Technology to maintain optimal quality with every print — up to 8-bit with 256 levels of exposure through the complete data path. In addition, 600 dpi resolution delivers photographic image quality and vibrant color, page after page.

Enjoy tighter color control, automatically

The Kodak NexPress Intelligent Calibration System works together with HD dry inks and developers to easily automate print uniformity. Impress your customers with near-offset smooth, flat tints, richer and deeper blacks, photo quality images and exceptional color consistency. Plus, System Software v16 gives you new tools to control image quality while maintaining productivity.

Protect brand integrity and image quality across substrates

The NexPress digital printers offer multiple options for surface finishing,* including matte, CMYK, UV coating and gloss. The matte finish option allows the expansion of finishing choices ranging from matte to satin to high gloss. As a result, you can print high-value, color-critical applications including direct mail, catalogs, photo merchandise, point-of-sale material and print on-demand collateral.

Use the optional Intelligent Coating Solution — which requires no added drying time — for a satin protective coat, watermarks, flood or spot glossing.

*Requires optional Fifth Imaging Unit inks.


Color Management Services for consistent quality

Use Ricoh's expertise to identify and implement a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to achieve the highest level of color quality and secure your G7 Master Printer Qualification to be part of an elite set of highly sought after vendors with proven skills.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

We partner with today's leading vendors to deliver the solutions you need to produce the work you depend on. Contact us to learn more.

Paper Handling

Long Sheet Delivery

Support up to 1 meter/39.37 inch sheets

Long Sheet Pile Feeder

The long sheet pile feeder offers the ability to print sheets up to 14 x 39.37 inches (356 mm x 1 meter) on the Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color Press. In addition, printing with the long sheet pile feeder enables more impositions per sheet, significantly boosting productivity.

Lasermax Roll Feeder

The roll feeder expands your continuous run capability for high-volume applications like transactional printing and book publishing, while reducing paper waste and labor costs. All of the press' cut sheet drawers remain operational when the roll feeder is connected, so if cut sheets of the same stock are loaded there is no need to interrupt production while a roll is being replaced.


NexPress Glossing unit

Deliver enhanced image quality and a laminate-like gloss for higher marketing impact.

UV Coaters

Inline UV Coater

The TruCoat UV Coater easily connects inline to the digital presses via a built-in transport conveyor. Sheets are seamlessly transported into the roller chamber for UV coating and under a UV lamp for curing. The finished product is stunning, accentuating every detail and increasing vibrancy and color.


Make every shift more productive by tackling your most demanding creative workflows at rated speeds and robust volumes.


Productivity that goes beyond press speed

The KODAK NexPress ECO2500/ZX3300/ZX3900 cutsheet printers define true productivity with the ability to print and complete jobs more efficiently. That means no required pre-treatment of substrates and no pause for drying times before finishing. Run qualified substrates, print using five colors, or apply inline coatings at rated speeds up to 131 pages per minute.
media handling

Media handling that prevents delays

Four standard feeders deliver a total paper capacity of 11,000 sheets. An expandable delivery unit is capable of receiving an additional 5,000 sheets up to 26" long. Kodak feeding technology gently delivers media to a short, straight paper path with less friction. Reliable paper handling throughout the path minimizes jams and helps reduce waste.

configure needs

Configure for your needs

Get a production printer that best serves your business. Use the Fifth Imaging Unit for more colors and application options, or the UV Coater to complete inline coating and curing. Choose the Lasermax Roll Feeder to save time and money for hours of uninterrupted production. Maximize your media and produce banner or signage applications with the Longsheet Pile Feeder to print on sheets up to 14" x 39.37".

Powerful front-end tools for seamless production printing

The scaleable NexPress front end delivers the processing power you need to handle high volumes of complex jobs efficiently, and comes with a built-in Adobe PDF Print Engine. The NexPress ZX presses ship with System Software v16, providing a robust set of new tools to control image quality and maintain productivity, cost efficiency and uptime, including:

  • An Ink Estimating Tool to estimate the inks used in a print job
  • Spot color recipes for unique color blends
  • A new Production Dashboard to monitor activity on a handheld device
  • Automated Data Export, providing data for integration with external MIS systems
  • Variable speed control

Designed for maximum uptime


Support for Self-Maintenance 

90% of system maintenance on these digital presses can be performed by the operator, thanks to easily replaceable components and the NexPert Operator Support System.

Operator Replaceable Components 

Rotate the Operator Replaceable Components (ORCs) to extend their life. Make replacement decisions — without the need for a service call —for greater control over costs, productivity and system uptime.

Environmental Control System 

This built-in system automatically controls temperature and moisture, allowing you to utilize KODAK NexPress digital presses in any environment within a print shop for greater flexibility.

System Specifications

Print/Copy Process

Dry electrophotography, 600 dpi, multi-bit (up to 8-bit with 256 levels of exposure through the complete data path)

Print Resolution

600 dpi

Output Speed

(A4 / 8.5 X 11 in. / Legal): Up to 131 ppm
A3 / 11 X 17 in: Up to 60 ppm

Paper Capacity

Two 1000-sheet feeders, each with 100 mm (4 in.) pile height
Two 4500-sheet feeders, each with 450 mm (18 in.) pile height

Paper Weight

60 - 350 g/m2 (16 lb. bond up to 130 lb. cover) uncoated
80 - 350 g/m2 (20 lb. bond up to 130 lb. cover) coated

Dimensions W x D x H

L x W x H: 6045 x 2032 x 1778 mm (19 ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 10 in.)


3,873 kg (8,538 lb.)

Product Support

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