KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300

Cutsheet Black & White Printer

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Fast and efficient black and white  production printing

Fast and efficient black and white production printing

Exceptional speed, volume and reliability define the KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300 Cutsheet Black & White Printers, offered by Ricoh. With a choice of three print engines to align with your organization's needs now and in the future, these digital presses offer professional image quality, impeccable paper handling and the power to handle data-intensive print jobs. Create customer-winning applications at rated speeds up to 300 ipm and volumes up to 96,000,000 impressions per year.
Meet more of your printing  needs with one digital system

Meet more of your printing needs with one digital system

MICR printing is available on all models, and the optional inserter allows your printing operation to print more of the applications your customers want, from checks and financial instruments to color-covered books, direct mailers and manuals, fast and cost-effectively.
Advanced imaging technology  ensures optimal results

Advanced imaging technology ensures optimal results

Drive customer satisfaction with production print work that meets expectations for fast turnaround time and high quality. The KODAK Digimaster's LED imaging system and advanced H1 toner produce precise graphics and images, sharp lines and reliable halftones.
finish more work inline

Finish more work in-line

To complete jobs faster and more profitably, choose from a range of finishing options that include stapling, hole-punching, booklets, perfect and square-back binding, along with high-efficiency stackers. Produce customer-ready work quickly and handle more volume with less hands-on time.

Take high-volume printing to the next level

Speeds up to 300 impressions per minute and volumes up to 8,000,000 impressions per month give you the power and flexibility you need to drive more revenue with black and white printing. Smart paper path design provides virtually jam-free performance, and high-volume media options let you work longer without stopping your print jobs.

Produce more in-demand applications that drive revenue growth.

Support for a broad range of media

Support for a broad range of media

Choose from a wide assortment of paper weights and sizes to print both popular and complex applications at rated speeds, including transactional pieces, books, direct mail and product manuals. Print on sizes up to 14.33" x 18.5" and on paper weights from 60 gsm - 266 gsm. Roll-fed solutions allow you to easily switch from A4 to A3 paper between print jobs without changing rolls.
Enhance jobs with inserted color  pages, mixed media and tabs

Enhance jobs with inserted color pages, mixed media and 

Add impact to black and white documents with imprinted color shells. An available inserter for the KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300 digital presses allows you to add color covers, color interior pages and tabs. Plus, use the inserter to produce mixed media jobs and create high-value output, including perfect-bound books — all produced inline.
Print long runs of personalized materials faster

Print long runs of personalized materials faster

Offer customers a proven way to increase response rates. The advanced controller allows the KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300 to handle complex data streams, making variable data printing (VDP) fast and efficient. Print transactional materials, direct mail, checks and financial statements at high volumes without requiring a separate offline operation for personalization.
MICR printing

MICR printing

Take advantage of jobs requiring MICR toner and produce checks, vendor coupons and other applications that require added security. The MICR toner can be switched with standard toner on all three digital presses for ultimate flexibility, and the KODAK Digimaster HD300 provides the option for duplex printing using MICR toner on one side and standard toner on the other for increased cost savings.
Man with glasses smiling

Take advantage of Ricoh's production expertise

From pre-production workflows to finishing, optimizing datastreams to operator training, turn to Ricoh for the consulting and training expertise you need to achieve greater ROI across your print operations.

Print materials that rival offset image quality and run jobs more affordably.

LED technology for professional  image quality

LED technology for professional image quality

The KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300 monochrome digital presses provide LED imaging quality at 600 x 600 dpi to ensure professional results across a wide range of applications, from brochures and direct mail to newsletters and statements. On-board process control provides proven consistency both during and in between runs.
Specialty toner for the finer  details

H1 specialty toner for the finer details

Deliver near offset image quality with Kodak H1 toner and developer, which enable the reproduction of fine lines and ultra-sharp text, smooth halftones and bold solids. Kodak's small particle developer (SPD) technology creates richer blacks and razor-sharp lines while providing higher toner yields. Grayscale rendering technology is tuned to print engine parameters to offer superb halftone reproduction.
More control means less rejected work

More control means less rejected work

Meet customer demands for quality with precise front-to-back registration for duplex jobs, and adjust line width and print density to rival offset production quality. Experience improved performance when running jobs that integrate preprinted media, with less cleaning required and a longer fuser roller life.

Powerful performance for up to 96 million impressions per year.


Tackle your heaviest black and white workloads

Choose from three print engines designed to deliver at the speeds and volumes your workflows demand. Upgrade the KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150 to an HD300 print engine at any time for added flexibility as your business expands and your production needs grow. Achieve print runs at benchmark speeds of up to 300 impressions per minute and 8,000,000 impressions per month from these powerhouse production printers.
kodak digimaster configuration
Media capacity to handle exceptionally long runs

Media capacity to handle exceptionally long runs

All three Digimaster models offer standard three drawer/4,000 sheet paper capacity and can be configured with a maximum of nine drawers for up to 12,000 sheets. More drawers make it easier to run jobs requiring multiple media types and to maximize volume of single stocks for long, uninterrupted runs.
Get exceptional reliability with 
a smart paper path design

Get exceptional reliability with a smart paper path design

An intelligent paper path design anchors the Digimaster’s high-performance printing. A proven paper feed and a short, straight path through imaging and fusing modules — without low points — keep paper movement on an even keel and minimize paper jams for optimized production.
Advanced controller technology and preloaded software

Advanced controller technology and preloaded software

The Five9NS T3105K1 Controller workstation RIPs and prints industry-standard files concurrently for exceptional productivity, helping you easily manage VDP work and data-driven workflows. Preloaded print production software gives you the power to further simplify and automate your workflows, so you can get print jobs on press quickly and accurately every time.
More uptime means more revenue

More uptime means more revenue

On-the-fly paper replacement allows jobs to keep running while additional media is loaded, helping you print more jobs per shift. The KODAK Digimaster HD125/HD150/HD300 cutsheet printers feature a vacuum-corrugated paper feed that reduces friction for more reliable paper feeding. Achieve maximum output through exceptional uptime and availability, while onboard diagnostic tools enable close monitoring of output quality.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

We partner with today's leading vendors to deliver the solutions you need to produce the work you depend on. Contact us to learn more.

Paper Handling

Roll Feed Module

The Roll Feed module expands your continuous run capability for high-volume applications like transactional printing and book publishing, while reducing paper waste and labor costs. With the Kodak Digimaster HD System, one roll can yield up to 60,000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 in. or A4 format paper. You can switch from 8.5 x 11 in. to 11 x 17 in., or A4 to A3, between jobs, without changing rolls.



The stacker offers straight or offset stacking with a maximum output capacity of 5,000 sheets. Whether the output is destined for additional in-line or off-line finishing, it is delivered collated and ready for the next step in the finishing process.


C.P. BOURG BPRF Module (Perforator/Rotator/Folder)

The BPRF module perforates, rotates, and folds sheets into four-page signatures for perfect-bound books. All pagination and chapters are programmed as part of the job set-up to ensure complete book integrity.

Booklet Makers

CP Bourg Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224

A unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. To suit different workflows, it is available in three configurations, online, nearline and offline.

CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e

C.P. Bourg’s award winning booklet maker utilizes the latest technology with unparalleled quality and speed to produce on-demand booklets. The BM-e paper flow follows a stitch–fold–trim process with guaranteed set integrity, a maximum of 120 pages per booklet (30 sheets) and a maximum speed of 5,000 booklets per hour.

Perfect Binder

C.P. Bourg BB3302 Perfect Binder

The perfect binder module offers the versatility to produce smartly finished, perfect-bound books in a range of pages. It delivers up to 250 bound books per hour with a wide variety of cover types simply, easily and automatically. In-line or off-line binding is available.



The inserter allows you to add pre-printed sheets, covers and other media to catalogs, manuals, and similar applications to make them more compelling, more colorful, and more effective—and eliminates hand collation of inserts into a job. The inserter places sheets into the paper path post-fuser, so delicate pages are inserted smoothly and reliably without damage.

System Specifications

System Memory

4GB (512MB x 72-bit, 1Rx8) PC3L-12800, CL11, ECC DDR3-1600 UDIMM, 1.35V


Intel Pentium G3420 (3.2GHz, 3MB Cache, 2C/2T, LGA1150, 53W, embedded)

Control Panel

Operator control interface with flat panel monitor display

Print Resolution

600 dpi

Output Speed

HD125:125 ipm (A4/letter/legal)
104, 83, 62.5 ipm (A3/ledger) for wider formats
HD150: 150 ipm (A4/letter/legal)
125, 100, 75 ipm (A3/ledger) for wider formats
HD300: 300 ipm (A4/letter/legal)
150 ipm (A3/ledger)

Paper Capacity

Top and middle drawer: 1,000 sheets
Lower drawer: 2,000 sheets

Standard: 203 - 457 mm (8 - 18 in.)
With extended paper size option†: 178 - 470 mm (7 - 18.5 in.)
Standard: 250 - 356 mm (9.84 - 14 in.)
With extended paper size option†: 210 - 364 mm (8.27 - 14.33 in.)

Paper Weight

60 - 200 g/m2 (16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index)
60 - 266 g/m2 (16 lb. bond to 150 lb. index) with enhanced feed mode option

Max Monthly Volume

HD125: up to 4.2 million impressions per month
HD150: up to 5 million impressions per month
HD300: up to 8 million impressions per month

Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)

350W, ATX12V, 80+ Gold

Dimensions W x D x H

HD 125 & 150: 64" x 87" x 47"
HD 300: 64" x 183" x 47"

Product Support

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