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IP5000GP / IP5000MP

Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

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Confidently move to inkjet

Formerly known as the InfoPrint 5000GP and the InfoPrint 5000MP, the RICOH IP5000GP/IP5000MP Continuous Feed Inkjet Printers let you affordably upgrade to inkjet printing, while giving you the flexibility to grow on your timeline and your budget.

Configurable and upgradeable color, monochrome and MICR options allow you to adapt to changing market demands. A small footprint and simple system integration make it easy to fit the IP5000GP/IP5000MP into your current environment. Features include:

  • Native Postscript, PDF and AFP support for easy data stream integration
  • Speeds up to 420 fpm (128 mpm) in B&W or 210 fpm (64 mpm) in color
  • High-quality output up to 720 × 720 dpi resolution
  • Variable data printing
Print today's in-demand 
applications fast and efficiently

Print today's in-demand applications fast and efficiently

Deliver an extensive range of applications, from banking and financial documents to direct mail and more. Easily produce statements, checks, books and personalized mail in virtually any quantity.

Performance to propel your business forward

Performance to propel your business forward

In addition to platform stability and reliability, the RICOH IP5000GP/IP5000MP offer ultimate configuration flexibility and field upgradability. Produce up to 420 feet/min in a compact footprint designed to fit your work environment, and easily integrate with your existing workflow and VDP solutions.

Quality that matches customer expectations

Quality that matches customer expectations

High image quality, aqueous-based dye inks, PANTONE color support and advanced technology allow for detailed, accurate reproduction of images. Add vibrancy and precision to transactional printing jobs, whether you’re producing critical communications, checks with MICR or marketing promotions.

Finishing options to suit a wide range of workflows

Finishing options to suit a wide range of workflows

Complete print jobs quickly in-line and in-house with a broad range of finishing options. Unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation and vision system add-ons enable you to deliver customer-ready output easily and cost-effectively.


Print materials that marketers, communications vendors and and publishers seek — fast and affordably. 

Support for in-demand media types

Support for in-demand media types

Confidently print on uncoated, inkjet treated and inkjet coated papers up to 220 gsm. An optional extended media dryer adds the capability for additional heavy, light, treated and coated stocks up to 250 gsm. Web width of 6.4 in./165 mm up to 20.4 in./520 mm paper lets you maximize efficiency for each job and match customer size requirements.

MICR, Monochrome and Color 
printing choices

MICR, Monochrome and Color printing choices

Get what your business needs today with the flexibility to upgrade for tomorrow. Choose from 3 available options: MICR, Monochrome or Color to satisfy your current workflow needs and easily print critical communications like bank statements and checks, high-quality monochrome applications and demanding color jobs.

Integrate variable data printing  to help your clients connect

Integrate variable data printing to help clients connect

Today's marketplace calls for a more personalized approach, and leveraging variable data printing (VDP) capabilities with your RICOH IP5000GP/IP5000MP web press can help you land more work. Quickly and easily print transactional pieces including billing and account statements, along with direct mail campaigns, customized books and more to offer customers cost-effective ways to customize their messaging.

Group of professionals collaborating

Let Ricoh expertise take your printing business further

Whether you need help transitioning to inkjet or are looking to take your offerings to the next level, Ricoh is here to help. With decades of inkjet print experience, our experts take a meticulous, consultative approach to help you capture efficiencies, offer new applications to meet customer demands, and grow your business with campaign and development services.


A range of configuration options and flexible onsite upgrades help you turn opportunity into an operational advantage.

Built for mid-volume 
production-print environments

Built for mid-volume production-print environments

High-speed printing up to 420 feet/minute (128 meters/min) and 2-up duplex throughput speeds of up to 1,832 letter impressions/minute (1,724 A4 imps/min) help your organization produce more, faster. A maximum monthly volume of 40,000,000 pages per month enable you to comfortably produce a wide range of long and short-run print applications with profitable efficiency.

More options to configure and upgrade

Formerly known as the InfoPrint 5000GP and the InfoPrint 5000MP, the RICOH Make the most of your floorspace with U, L, I and H configuration options to suit your workflows. Combine color and monochrome MP & GP models for the configuration that best fits your needs, such as:

  • Color & Monochrome
  • MICR & Color
  • MICR & Monochrome
  • Color & Monochrome

Need new capabilities? The flexibility to upgrade onsite lets you add functionality as needed, maximizing your return on investment. Buy only what you need, when you need it.

Offer mores choices in media with an extended media dryer

Offer mores choices in media with an extended media dryer

The optional extended media dryer expands your media handling capabilities to include heavy, light, treated and coated stocks with pigment and dye inks. On-demand drying capacity is ideal for producing high quality books, customer communications, precision marketing, direct mail and more.

Integrate data streams with ease

Designed for high-speed printing, the built-in AFP architecture provides accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery for monochrome and color prints. The MP models are fully compliant with Interchange Set/3 (IS/3) standards, enabling accurate printing in multivendor environments.

Both the IP5000GP and IP5000MP printers work with multiple data streams and offer direct integration with Ricoh-exclusive, true Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™).

Use powerful Ricoh software for even greater efficiency

For high volume transaction needs, Ricoh ProcessDirector automates and manages output with database driven management and control. A flexible and modular solution, Ricoh ProcessDirector lets you use what you need now, and add on features as your needs grow. Use Ricoh InkSavvy software to realize additional efficiencies for your continuous feed inkjet printer and better manage ink supplies.

Better printing for the environment

Better printing for the environment

Reduce environmental impact with intelligent design features. Low power consumption requires less energy to operate, while helping you maintain a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, if operating with the extended media dryer, on-demand mode draws power only when in use.

Dedicated service when you need it most

Dedicated service when you need it most

Uptime is everything when it comes to your commercial print operations. Ricoh's service and support organization includes more than 1,000 production-dedicated technicians and a nationwide parts distribution system that makes service and repair fast and reliable. Diagnose and resolve problems quickly to prevent workflow disruption and and meet critical customer deadlines.

Accelerate ROI with expert implementation

The implementation of your continuous feed inkjet system determines how quickly and how well you can generate revenue.  The RICOH Core Inkjet Services team follows a step-by-step process that covers solution design, paper profiling, color gamut, ink estimating and pre/post components. Go to market with fully tested applications, confident in your ability to maximize uptime, reduce errors and maintain productivity.

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Bring communications to life with advanced imaging technology, high quality inks and PANTONE color support.

Impress customers with stellar imaging technology

Impress customers with exceptional imaging technology

Print up to 720 x 360 dpi on the IP5000MP or up to 720 x 720 dpi resolution on the IP5000GP. Multi-drop print head technology produces superb print quality using unique imaging technology that dynamically jets one of three drop sizes per pixel. Meet strict customer demands for image quality at speeds designed to keep workflows moving.

Choose from CMYK dye inks and MICR

Choose from CMYK dye inks and MICR

To achieve vibrant color and lifelike image quality on a range of applications, the RICOH IP5000GP/IP5000MP print with low-moisture, high-density CMYK dye inks, as well as MICR, on supported configurations. Use InfoPrint Ink Suite for additional control and savings. Comprised of advanced ink management tools, InfoPrint Ink Suite helps you accurately estimate jobs, optimize and monitor ink usage for better cost control and profitability.

Get Pantone PLUS Certification and high-quality halftone printing

Expand your color capabilities with Pantone PLUS certification. Access to the latest colors lets you differentiate your brand and add impact to customer communications. The RICOH IP5000MP monochrome configurations offer incredibly-cost effective black & white printing at rated speeds. Frequency modulation (FM) changes the density of dots according to the gray level desired for easier production of complex jobs, including books, using lighter tints.
Colorful eye

Explore Ricoh Color Management Services

Ricoh has the expertise to help you identify and implement a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to consistently achieve the highest level of color quality, and reduce rework. From G7 Master Printer Qualification to onsite calibration services, explore how we can help your organization.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

We partner with today's leading vendors to deliver the solutions you need to produce the work your clients depend on. Contact us to learn more.

Continuous Feed Finishing

Web Vision

Track your web path from start to finish.

Plow Folders

Add inline folding capability and score or perforate along the crease where folding will take place.

UV & Aqueous Coaters

Apply a variety of finishes to a wide range of offset and digitally printed applications, enhancing the richness of colors while protecting them from scratches and scuffing.

Offset Stackers

Reduce time spent unloading output and increase productivity with longer, unattended print runs.

Web Cleaners

Maintain maximum uptime and automatically clean paper dust, paper chad and more from your continuous forms.

Slitters / Perforators

Precisely remove borders and prevent toner cracking.

Perfect Binders and Trimmers

Create state of the art perfect bound books with high quality creasing.

Web Humidification

Ensure your system stays at optimal humidity levels.

Web Buffers

Accumulate the paper web and ensure continuous printing of stack deliveries.

Web Steering Units

Ensure smooth operation, even when your web direction changes.


Automatically unwind or rewind materials directly after printing.

Cross Web Cutters

Get quick, efficient and accurate cutting solutions that help you meet tight deadlines and avoid expensive reprints.


Get versatile folding solutions for a wide range of output and stocks.


Automatically feed paper through the system to allow for ultimate productivity.

Signage Gatherer

Gather signage and other media and allow for longer, uninterrupted runs.

Saddle Stitch Staplers

One of the most popular binding methods on the market, saddle stitching allows you to staple output through the fold line to create booklets, magazines, newsletters, catalogs and more.

Continuous Feed

Imaging Technology

2 bits per spot
Stochastic screening
Dynamic variable drop size for every point on a page

Color Inkjet

CF Color Inkjet

Web Width

6.4 in./165 mm to 20.4 in./520 mm paper

Machine Configuration

IP5000GP: All models support I and L confi gurations AD1/AD2 and AD3/AD4 also support U (face-to-face) configuration, with two GP engines or with two GP engines and a third engine, such as MICR.
IP5000MP: All models support I and L confi gurations. Certain MP models support U configuration

Base Unit Dimensions

IP5000GP Base unit (H x W x D): 70" x 69.5" x 116.5" (1780 x 1766 x 2960 mm)
IP5000MP Base unit (HxWxD): 75.2" x 69.5" x 86.1" (1910mm x 1766mm x 2186mm)


IP5000GP: Base Engine: 4960 lbs. (2250 kg); Control Unit: 849 lbs (405 kg)
IP5000MP: Base Engine: 3858 lbs (1750kg); Control Unit: 849 lbs (405 kg)


IP5000GP: 720 × 720 dpi
IP5000MP: 720 × 360 dpi


IP5000GP: Up to 1832 ipm 2 up 8.5x11 portrait (Color); Up to 420 feet/min, 128 meters/min (B&W)
IP5000MP: Up to 916 ipm 2 up 8.5 x 11 portrait (Color); Up to 420 feet/min, 128 meters/min 2 up 8.5 x 11 portrait (B&W)

Media Types

Uncoated, inkjet treated and inkjet coated

Paper Weight

Standard: 220 gsm
With Extended Media Dryer Option: 250 gsm

Datastream support

AFP - Advanced Function Printing
IPDS - Intelligent Printer Data Stream

Color Management

Multiple color management options available. Contact Ricoh to learn more.

Product Support

Find drivers, manuals, brochures and more. Can't find what you need? Contact us: 1-877-318-8968

InfoPrint Support & Supplies: 1-888-426-7746


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