Ricoh unveils new professional services that optimize workflows and help businesses move forward

Sep 22, 2020


New services help printers invigorate revenue streams by filling in productivity gaps, enhancing capabilities and securely managing information

EXTON, Pa., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA Inc. today unveiled an array of new production print professional services that empower printers to deliver more for their customers, optimize workflows and overall operations, and move their businesses forward. These new services, including Hybrid Mail, Campaign as a Service, Staff Augmentation, Security Conformance, enable printers to adapt to changing needs that have become top of mind resulting from remote working, more on-demand customer requirements and more. These services, which leverage Ricoh's unique expertise and broad-view industry insights, are brand-agnostic, meaning users can achieve these benefits no matter which combination of equipment is in their shop.  

"So much in the world is changing right now, and printers are eager to focus on moving forward," said Heather Poulin, Vice President, Marketing, Production Print, Ricoh USA, Inc. "To help them chart that course, we have developed new professional services that help them address business impacts, expand their service offerings to their customers, and have peace-of-mind that they have an ally who is there to support them We are excited to share our expertise in new and different ways, with the hope of helping to move the industry forward as a whole."

Ricoh's newest professional services include:

  • Hybrid Mail empowers users to submit jobs from anywhere via web portal, and then they are printed, inserted and mailed in a remote print room based on pre-established workflows. Streamlining the production of ad hoc print and mail, allows one-off prints to be produced quickly, easily and reliably, even while working remotely. Handling of ad hoc jobs has been traditionally unstructured and manual, creating opportunities for inefficiency and error. The typically manual processes associated with mailing outbound communications to individual recipients are even more difficult, time consuming and vulnerable to issues when performed remotely.

  • Campaign as a Service helps turn organizations' campaign concepts into reality, with support throughout the planning, creation, testing and deliverable stages. The way communicators engage with audiences is changing, and many businesses are looking for guidance on the new best practices that are emerging. Ricoh's Professional Services team works closely, collaboratively and communicatively with customers to keep them in the loop every step of the way as their campaign evolves from concept to execution. Campaign packages can include omnichannel components such as print, SMS messages, emails and personal URLs or landing pages, as well as optional surveys to gauge results and glean actionable feedback.

  • The Staff Augmentation offering brings access to Ricoh expertise to the next level. With Staff Augmentation, customers can leverage a Ricoh Solution Engineer as their operator. Whether an operator is on vacation, a business is still searching for the right new hire, or a busy season is just around the corner, Ricoh can help. Ricoh's deeply knowledgeable Solutions Engineers fit in seamlessly to customers' teams thanks to their deep and broad understanding of the technologies and processes at play. Beyond helping out with day-to-day tasks, the on-site Solution Engineer can provide fresh insights and strategies that help optimize workflows and address remote work needs, or even train staff in new skills. This flexible service can help fill a variety of needs, with the minimum engagement duration starting at just 5 days.

  • Ricoh's Security Conformance service features experts who can help assess vulnerabilities, establish security objectives, and propose and help implement appropriate countermeasures. In the new world of work, information is often moving across more disparate networks than ever before. These new ways of working – or acceleration of existing trends in working – introduce new security considerations. In many production print environments, information security needs are especially high, with large amounts of often sensitive information being managed.

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