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On demand webinar: Protecting legal data from cyberattacks

Increase protection for legal data

Hear how your firm can reduce its risk to ransomware.
Legal firms need to protect against ransomware like never before.
The pace of ransomware attacks continues to increase. An attack can make legal records inaccessible or worse, damage them so that they cannot be recovered. Some ransomware attacks even steal client records where they can be sold on the dark web.
Fortunately, as ransomware attacks evolve, so does the means to protect your client data against these attacks.

We discuss how your firm can protect against these evolving cyberattacks in this webinar, where we will also share:

  • How ransomware attacks impact confidential legal data.
  • Ways to identify and remediate current vulnerabilities.
  • The new technologies that can support your pre-existing security measures.

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