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Network security

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, IT professionals are inundated with a growing array of responsibilities: delivering seamless work experiences — from anywhere — while supporting all lines of business, training and troubleshooting users, and ensuring networks, systems and data are protected. Everything in the work environment must be accessible, integrated, efficient, seamless and secured, including communications, file storage, applications, user identities, network, servers, email and more.

As threats evolve and attack surfaces grow, the margin for error grows. Robust, proactive cybersecurity is more critical than ever. Ricoh offers a large portfolio of IT services and solutions to enable seamless and secured digitalization across all areas of your business. Let’s explore the options.

Zero trust

Security assessments

As organizations continually shift to hybrid work and allow users to regularly log into the network from outside the office or on unsecured devices, the need for securing access within the network has increased. Increased digitalization of processes means a larger volume of data in rest, motion, or use, exposing organizations to risk. That’s where security and vulnerability assessments come in.

1. Vulnerability assessments

A vulnerability assessment is comprised of two components:

• Vulnerability scanning and reporting

• Analysis and remediation planning

Ricoh security engineers scan externally facing assets for vulnerabilities such as missing patches, outdated software versions, open ports, and operating system services. From there, we report the findings and develop a remediation plan tailored to the customer. Vulnerability assessments can be conducted regularly or as a point-in-time service.

2. Penetration testing

How secure is your data? The only way you can know for sure is to test your current security by trying to get in from the outside, the way a hacker would. Testing like this reveals where your network is strong — and where you require deeper security protection.

Penetration testing and assessments will uncover weaknesses in your networks, applications, and security controls. It can also confirm the effectiveness of the various security policies, procedures, and technologies.

Intrusion detection

Endpoint management

Expert cybersecurity management services