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How Clemson overhauled print and mail to generate $2.5M in revenue

by John Gilbert
Known for its fierce football team, leading research, beautiful South Carolina campus, and student-centric operations, Clemson University ranks as one of America's top public universities.

However, staying in the lead has its challenges — especially when it came to Clemson's outdated mail services, production print projects leaving campus and loose control of campus printing.
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A trifecta of challenges

Clemson faced a trifecta of challenges. Their mail services hadn’t kept up with the times. Production print jobs were being done offsite. In addition, their campus-wide printing environment was pretty much “anything goes.”

Clemson put out an RFP with a focus on overhauling the mail room and student post office — with the goals of reducing costs, improving the student experience, and helping students receive packages faster with less wait times.

Something also needed to be done about the decentralized production printing. Every department was using a variety of commercial printers causing the print costs to increase while the Clemson brand was being diluted.

The “managed” print environment needed to be studied and contained, with the ultimate goal of reducing printing and decreasing costs while capturing critical data including print volumes, print costs, and asset utilization.

“We knew we needed to change but realized we needed a partner who would be just that – a partner.”

Mike Nebesky Procurement Director, Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina

Solutions in action

To help Clemson meet their goals of overhauling mail services and the student mail center, restoring offsite printing, and managing on-campus printing, Ricoh proposed a broad plan encompassing three of our Managed Services including:

  • Ricoh Mail Services
  • Ricoh Production Print Services
  • Ricoh Managed Document Services (MDS)

See the sweeping changes Clemson made to improve their on-campus services

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John Gilbert, Client Executive for Higher Education at Ricoh USA, has 26 years of combined experience in sales, marketing and operations. He has been involved in developing strategies on campuses across South Carolina and successfully driving revenue in Ricoh's managed services areas while continually finding better ways of maximizing our customers' investments in Ricoh. John also works with departments on campuses seeking out business process workflows to reduce costs and increase customer efficiencies while enhancing the employee and student experiences. John is a graduate of West Virginia University with degrees in Printing Technology and Printing Management.