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Debunking return mail misperceptions

Shifting Perspectives

Why it’s time to start looking at your mail center as a strategic player
For several decades, return mail has been regarded as an unavoidable “cost of doing business.” But with advances in the world of analytics, we’re now beginning to understand what that “cost” entails: critical missed communications, past-due accounts and in the worst cases, customers that take their business elsewhere. Today, that cost is becoming less and less affordable.

The good news is that advances in the collection of move update data have made it possible to reconnect with customers like never before and ensure a consistently positive user experience. But the key to getting more value out of your mail center requires you to start by debunking some of the more common myths related to return mail.

In this eBook, we’ll dispute long-held misperceptions around return mail – and offer concrete evidence to support the facts, thanks to a revealing Return Mail Services engagement we executed for one well-known national financial services provider.

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