Case Study: Waterloo Region District School Board

Streamlining record keeping for efficiency and sustainability.

About Waterloo Region District School Board

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) is one of the largest school boards in Ontario, educating approximately 62,000 students across 123 locations. It is committed to developing young minds into the leaders of tomorrow, and strives to provide an enriching experience for the students, employees and community it serves.

“We are already seeing paper and copier cost savings, and as we move forward and continue to implement this through more of HR and other departments, we should see even greater paper savings across the board.”

Lorie Hough

FOI, Privacy & Records Information Management Officer




Leveraging Laserfiche technology, Ricoh presented a solution that would streamline form processing, digitize legacy files and empower staff to be more effective in their work.

Ricoh first conducted discovery interviews with key team members to determine the types of documents, forms and records and identify the department’s record keeping needs.

Using the information gathered, Ricoh developed a strategy to import legacy files into the Laserfiche system. Human Resource staff sorted and packed all of the files before shipping them to Toronto for mass scanning by Ricoh’s Legal Document Services.

Scanning stations were also strategically installed throughout the office to eliminate the need for paper filing going forward. The team created a process for documents to be easily scanned into the system at any one of these stations. The digitized files would then be indexed with the necessary data forms, and sorted into a file structure allowing easier retrieval. 


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