Case Study: University of South Florida (USF)

See how USF made printing more accessible and affordable for students

About University of South Florida

Located in Tampa, FL, the University of South Florida (USF) boasts an enrollment near 50,000. As part of the school’s commitment to serving campus needs, students receive a daily print allowance.

"Students have faster, easier access to affordable printing services at more places across campus. We have structured, standardized print services that can be maintained economically."

Craig Woolley

Assistant Vice President: Information Technology

University of South Florida


Based on our analysis, we standardized all print devices in two installations. The first added 17 Ricoh copiers, printers and MFPs to the fleet, and the second added another 15 devices. 

We also configured the printers with a driver that worked with an updated version of the school’s Pharos Systems software to monitor and assign chargebacks. The new system boasted several new features:

  • Users swiped their ID to access printer and copier capabilities.

  • Each student received $2.50 of free prints per day.

  • Students enjoyed increased information mobility, which allowed them to print to any device on the network.

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