Case Study: The Macomb Group

See how The Macomb Group replaced paper with digital documents

About The Macomb Group

With 18 locations in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee, The Macomb Group is ranked in the “Top Ten” nationally as a wholesale distributor of pipes, valves and fittings (PVF). 

“Documents are now immediately available across all of our 18 locations, instead of managing everything manually out of our Sterling Heights corporate headquarters — and for essentially the same amount of money we were spending on leased MFPs before.”

Jeff Fouchia


The Macomb Group



Our solution worked seamlessly with their existing ERP system and cost about the same as previously leased MFPs.  

And since their paper documents are now digital, the company’s files are now immediately available at any of their 18 locations — enhancing information mobility across the organization. The digitized information also provides another layer of backup protection from fire or other incidents, leading to greater peace of mind. The next step for The Macomb Group is to extend the system to its other ancillary businesses such as a pipe insulation contracting company it recently acquired, too.


For The Macomb Group, a leading distributor of pipe fittings and valves, their workflow was paper intensive — generating over 4 million documents per year.

This led to a vicious cycle of storing and moving files to new locations every six months. The amount of accumulated documents was so bad that Macomb's CIO, Jeff Fouchia, decided the company needed to find a better way to manage its information. In addition to improved document management, the company wanted to:

  • Save money, conserve energy and become more productive.

  • Replace a paper-based workflow with a digital one.

  • Reduce the space required for documents both on and off site

After looking at a number of potential partners, Macomb decided that our solutions’ functionality, simple workflows, seamless integration with their Enterprise Resource Planning software, and competitive price helped us stand out from the rest.


Digitizing documents was the key to reducing the company’s paper volume.

To do that, we distributed approximately 40 multifunction printers (MFPs) throughout the company’s locations, as well as a standalone scanner at its headquarters. This system helped The Macomb Group:

  • Scan invoices and checks.

  • Help meet regulatory compliance standards.

  • Capture critical documents associated with a sales order.

As an added bonus, Macomb has the ability to digitally enhance documents that become soiled or damaged in their factory. And if an employee needs a file, what they need is now just a few clicks away.

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