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Case Study: Multinational Software Corporation

How a leading software developer reduced paper, made HR records accessible and lowered costs with a fully automated workflow.

About the customer

This U.S.-based multinational corporation creates and markets software that is an integral component of daily business activities in a wide range of industries. Going strong for more than three decades, the company has operations in over 40 countries and more than 7,000 employees. In the last twenty years, it has acquired nearly 50 other companies — expanding the scope of products and services to its customers while simultaneously integrating the records and processes of their expanding enterprise.

The company had made an investment in SharePoint® and HR software but needed a partner to handle implementation, integration, build workflows and convert paper-based documents into electronic files.


  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) led to inconsistent records organization across the company.

  • HR records were siloed in different applications creating time-consuming processes when trying to access and share HR files.

  • Paper documents consumed valuable floor space and were a security risk.

  • A lack of internal IT bandwidth prevented the implementation of a centralized repository.

Over the last two decades, the corporation had merged with or acquired nearly 50 other companies — and each organization had its own process for accessing and storing HR records. The disjointed processes resulted in a mix of electronic and paper records across the organization.

Many records were still in paper form, which were either stored onsite, consuming valuable office space, or sent to a costly offsite warehouse. At the corporate headquarters alone, there were numerous boxes filled with paper HR records. It was time consuming to locate legacy paper records when needed. And, if records were stored offsite, they had to be shipped to the location requesting the files — adding even more wait time.

The company had invested in SharePoint and related software to create a centralized HR repository to replace its decentralized system. However, its internal IT staff didn't have the bandwidth to implement the solution for HR or customize the platform so it could eventually be used by various departments in locations across the globe.


  • HR records accessible in minutes, not days

  • Online records accessible anywhere, anytime with appropriate permissions

  • More efficient new hire processing

  • Reduced infrastructure, maintenance and IT costs

With a central repository for HR records and a fully automated workflow, the company can now access records in minutes — rather than spending hours or days locating a file or waiting for it to arrive from offsite storage. All of the records previously in paper form are now accessible online from any location in the U.S.

The company also has a fully automated workflow that is far more efficient for new hire processing. And, the on-premises central repository is expected to lower the company's infrastructure, maintenance and IT costs.

The company is so satisfied that the solution is now being leveraged to automate information in the company's M&A department. In the future, this proven solution may also be rolled out globally to all the company's locations.

How We Did It

  • Conducted a thorough discovery process

  • Implemented SharePoint® online

  • Customized software and integrated with existing workflows

  • Digitized legal paper records

We first assembled our team to conduct discovery and learn about the precise needs of the HR department's Talent and Acquisitions group. While the company initially had an aggressive timeline for implementation, we worked with decision-makers to help them flesh out all of their needs, adjust the schedule to accommodate the additional scope, and deliver the solution they wanted.

Once the project parameters were set, RICOH IT Services implemented SharePoint® online and customized software modules to make finding HR records seamless and to automate the new hire process. In doing so, we integrated the solution with the company's signature capture software, configured the software for employee file creation and created a form for the new hire workflow. Following the development phase of the project, we conducted successful testing of the solution and provided training for the company's HR employees.

In tandem with the SharePoint® implementation, we digitized all of the company's legacy paper HR records — producing approximately 250,000 images — at our document processing center that performs Advanced Document Capture Services. At the center, we scanned the paper records and indexed the new electronic files so they could be seamlessly uploaded into the centralized SharePoint repository for online access. We also established a process for destroying legacy paper files the company is no longer required to retain and preserving paper records they must maintain.

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