Case Study: MGX Copy

Revamping online digital printing with technology that delivers a captivating customer experience.

About MGX Copy

MGX Copy is a San Diego-based online printing company committed to top-notch customer service and product quality. Customers can order print jobs via the Internet and MGX Copy ships from their facilities directly to any location in the United States at nationally competitive prices.

“The RICOH Pro C9110 puts Ricoh on the map for production printing. There are so many reasons for a printer to invest in this technology.”



With a next-generation digital production printing system in development, Ricoh partnered with MGX Copy, one of its biggest users, to be the beta test site for the new RICOH Pro C9110 color production printer.

Like MGX Copy, Ricoh wasn’t satisfied with anything short of perfection. The Ricoh team knew that the C9110 would remove the issues MGX Copy was having and also advance the capabilities of this growing, extremely innovative online digital printer.

As it turned out, every issue they had with the 901s has been addressed. The RICOH Pro C9110 production printer turned out to be what MGX Copy calls a “dream machine.” The RICOH Pro C9110 offers high-speed digital production at near-offset quality. It’s also affordably priced so MGX Copy could maintain its price point while increasing the quality of its output. To support MGX Copy, Ricoh has a dedicated full-time technician working on-site to keep the printers up and running and quickly troubleshoot if problems arise.


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