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Case Study: Isaac Wiles

Ricoh empowers employees to scan, copy and print without leaving their desks

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Frequent MFP breakdowns, desktop printers without scanning functionality and slow response to service calls were frustrating the law firm's leadership. They wanted to be more efficient and productive--and work toward becoming a paperless organization. But to do that, employees needed to be able to scan paper documents directly into their document management system. Since they lacked scanning capability within close reach, employees had to get up from their desk and hunt for an operable MFP. It was time for a change. Isaac Wiles wanted more reliable printing technology and an improved workflow process.

"Ricoh is highly respected in the law firm industry. I don't really hear much about their competitors and where they are in the market. I don't want to be the test site or a guinea pig for a third- or fourth-tier provider."

Rob Sander
Chief Executive Officer
Isaac Wiles





After meeting with the firm's CEO to understand their firm's challenges, we talked to end-users--primarily paralegals and legal assistants--to learn what would make their work lives better.

Ricoh implemented a plan at Isaac Wiles for seamless scan and capture, managed fleet optimization and new printer technology.

  • New robust, feature-rich MFPs and desktop printers at workstations.
  • MFPs equipped with technology so every employee can scan, copy and print without ever leaving their desks.
  • An advanced workflow capture solution enables easy scanning into the document management system, automatic Bates Labeling and customized document workflows accessible at the MFP panel.
  • Integrated existing PIN authentication system to all new MFPs and printers.

About Isaac Wiles

Isaac Wiles, a thriving Columbus, Ohio law firm, has 56 attorneys and support staff who serve clients consisting of middle-market businesses, closely-held companies and high-income individuals. When a new CEO, Rob Sander, came on board he decided he'd had enough with printing technology and processes from another provider that didn't support their efforts.


Isaac Wiles employees are now more productive and able to focus on work that contributes to a case and delivers the information attorneys need--quickly and seamlessly. The solutions have been adopted by seasoned workers and millennials alike. And now, the firm knows Ricoh has the knowledge and commitment to truly understand and improve their environment.

"I didn't see those things from our previous provider and no one else came to the table talking about workflow process. That was the ultimate tipping point that made us want to partner with Ricoh," said Rob Sander, CEO of Isaac Wiles, Columbus, Ohio.
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