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Case Study: Hutto Independent School District

Ricoh and Hutto ISD partner to help make information more secure, transparent and agile.

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The technology infrastructure — hardware and software — supporting Hutto Independent School District (ISD) didn't reflect their top-tier status. No longer just a one-school district, this rapidly growing district north of Austin, Texas needed a partner to help make their increasing volume of information work across their nine campuses.

Hutto needed to equip more and more schools with output devices and enable more teachers and staff to print, copy, scan and fax — all while accommodating the diverse learning styles of students and faculty. Plus, they had an unreliable authentication process for tracking output by specific users. They could only track by department, and thus had no idea who the heavy users were — and who to charge back.


"Ricoh took the time to construct personalized solutions just for our culture. This was the ultimate driving factor for success."

Travis Brown
Director of Technology
Hutto ISD






Ricoh had been providing multifunction printers (MFPs) to Hutto ISD for eight years. We saw an opportunity to not only resolve their existing issues, but also learn what else we could do to make information work faster and more effectively for the district.

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We worked with the district's existing IT department to replace their output monitoring software with more robust technology that provides data to accurately track activity by specific users, not just by departments. We also implemented centralized faxing, and added new scanning software to allow users to scan-to-email, scan-to-PC or scan-to-file — and convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs or editable Word® or Excel® files.
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Overall, we upgraded the district's fleet of MFPs and strategically positioned them to make printing, copying, scanning, faxing and emailing seamless — all while enhancing security.

About Hutto Independent School District

Located in Austin, Texas, Hutto is made up of nine campuses serving 6,600 and is growing by approximately 300 additional students each year.


Thanks to hardware and software upgrades, Hutto more effectively captures, manages and shares information throughout the district, and is working toward anytime, anywhere, any device access. Also, the print center is now a model production facility that teachers, staff and students increasingly turn to for everyday print needs, including high-impact color output.

With the new systems in place, Hutto has:

  • Increased print center volumes: The print center processes an average of 850,000 black-and-white impressions and 117,000 color impressions a month, due to increased confidence in their capabilities.
  • Greater output visibility and insight: Hutto ISD’s IT department now also has greater visibility into, and control over, who prints what in the district.
  • Seamless scanning and faxing: Now equipped with advanced MFP software, Hutto’s teachers, students and staff can scan to email, PCs or even specific files.

 Next up, the district is talking with us about improving their workflows and document management systems, as well as implementing mobile printing to help make information even more accessible.

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