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Case Study: Global media company

Ricoh partners with global streaming media company to provide managed IT services and security

About our customer

Leading global, factual media and entertainment company offers award-winning original and curated documentaries, shows, series, podcasts, audio courses, and lectures covering science, nature, history, technology, society and lifestyle. With approximately 25 million paid subscribers worldwide in more than 175 countries and thousands of titles, the company is focused on bringing the best factual entertainment to the world available on multiple platforms, growing its inventory with new content weekly. The company has also recently solidified key partnerships with well-known music and content streaming platforms.

“Ricoh is a high caliber and proactive partner — always able to flag potential issues, end-of-life products, warranties, and more. It’s like magic.”

— Director of IT, Global Media Company


  • Needed to validate IT spend

  • Implement endpoint protection security for insurance policy

  • Protect petabytes of online content

In this managed IT services case study, the Director of IT was asked to validate outsourcing the company’s IT investments and spending. Additionally, the company was required to improve its security to meet insurance policy mandates. Hardening security was part of this initiative, and he knew he wanted to use leading AI technology to obtain endpoint protection along with leveraging managed security.

Since the media company already had a strong, trusted partnership with Ricoh products and services for over a decade, the IT Director turned to Ricoh to help him better support their 120 employees. With the media company thriving and realizing growth, his job was naturally expanding, paving the way for Ricoh to extend managed IT services and security management.


  • Manage security services and protection to their endpoints with SentinelOne

  • Oversight of 10 servers, hardware, maintenance, and all daily IT activities

The company uses Ricoh for managing and monitoring all day-to-day IT services, updates, smart contracts, warranties, equipment, active directory, security patches, hardware failures, servers, VMWare (virtual host management), and software infrastructure.

To strengthen endpoint protection and security, Ricoh installed SentinelOne, a leading AI platform that defends against cyberattacks. The implementation was quick and easy. “It’s a top-level product and it makes me sleep better.”

They also worked with Ricoh to deploy LogicMonitor, which is an application installed in a customer environment to monitor performance and provide visibility into network health.

When issues arise, Ricoh was positioned to be an extension of the IT team and is always available to provide solutions. “Ricoh is a high caliber and proactive partner — always able to flag potential issues, end-of-life products, warranties, and more. It’s like magic. People often take it for granted that everything always works.”


  • Provided exceptional, reliable, and trusted service maintaining IT hardware and infrastructure

  • Bolstered security resulting in zero events and viruses

  • Saving about 20 hours per week and more, if Ricoh wasn’t there to offset any hardware failures

  • Faster resolutions to problems, minimizing downtime

The benefits of managed IT services are often difficult to calculate, but according to the IT Director, “If we didn’t have Ricoh and there was a hardware failure, it could be many hours and costly. It’s great to have a partner to call.”

“The quality of Ricoh’s customer support team is great, and the day-to-day relationship is fantastic. If there is an IT issue, just knowing I’m not stuck on my own is a relief — Ricoh has a wide net of experts. For anything IT, I know that I can call on them,” said the IT Director. “One of the main benefits of managed IT services is knowing we have business continuity and infrastructure stability.” With Ricoh as a partner, the company’s infrastructure hasn’t gone down in 10 years. They were able to justify the IT spend, receive top-notch support, and safeguard the company.

Over the years, the Ricoh team has proven themselves as trustworthy advisors and offers many benefits of managed IT services with this partnership. In fact, when the company was spun off, the IT Director recommended that their parent company use Ricoh for managed IT services instead of hiring IT personnel. The team reports that the new relationship is also working out well.

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