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Case Study: Discount Tire

Making quick gains with OpenAxes, a Ricoh eDiscovery Managed Services Solution

About Discount Tire

Nearly 60 years ago, Discount Tire was born with a stock of just six tire types and an ambitious drive to grow. Today, they are the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the U.S. They have massive amounts of data in use and stored at their nearly 1,000 retail operations, 29 regional offices and a corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"I was impressed with the Ricoh and OpenAxes solution and knew we could quickly make gains around here. I also called around and heard nothing but high marks and stories of salvation from regulated public companies, Fortune 500 companies and others that had implemented the software."

Chris Henrichsen

Risk Business Segment Leader

Discount Tire

The Challenge

Discount Tire needed to find and implement an electronic legal hold solution to store and track potential legal evidence—information contained in email or unstructured files. They wanted to take a proactive approach to prevent a breakdown that could occur with their manual process of issuing letters and then hoping recipients would retain the data accurately. They had technology in place for six months that they intended to use for legal hold notifications, tracking and release. But its capabilities were limited and not suited to solve their challenges around data management—for legal holds and beyond. 


Ricoh’s eDiscovery specialist used the OpenAxes solution to demonstrate how Ricoh could solve Discount Tire's data challenges, while helping them become an empowered digital workplace.

Discount Tire agreed to a six month proof-of-concept so they could experience and test the OpenAxes solution through Ricoh's eDiscovery Managed Services. OpenAxes, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, is an on-premise identification, collection, smart culling and legal hold technology solution.

  • Resides behind an organization's firewall.

  • Provides insight into an organization's information and control of their unstructured data.

  • Offers fixed monthly costs and full support of Ricoh.

  • Ricoh manages everything: installation, configuration and updates to the software on an ongoing basis.

  • Expandable to locate relevant data throughout Discount Tire's entire network going forward.

Ricoh's eDiscovery team implemented OpenAxes for Discount Tire quickly, prioritizing the automation of their legal hold process. Now, Discount Tire is better prepared in the event of litigation.

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Going from a manual legal hold process with inherent risk to a fully automated digital workflow in the cloud has been eye opening for Discount Tire. Their untamed, untapped and buried information can now be fully leveraged if litigation arises. And, there's no limit to how they can apply OpenAxes through Ricoh's eDiscovery Managed Services to harness their information, mitigate risk and enhance compliance in other areas of their business.

"The speed and expanse of what OpenAxes can ingest is the real wow. It's a very powerful product and my wheels are turning about how we can use it in other areas," said Chris Henrichsen, Risk Business Segment Leader at Discount Tire.

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