Case Study: Emergency Services Training Facility

A training organization took their legacy print infrastructure to the cloud for a more streamlined, secured and cost-effective print solution

About our customer

“From a security perspective, the multi-tenant architecture is very reassuring. There is a single shared code base that guarantees security, stability, and innovation.”

— IT Services Manager


  • No visibility into print use across the organization

  • No cost-control or optimization measures

  • Time-consuming manual configuration processes

The training organization recently merged the four schools together and it provided an opportunity to upgrade and modernize legacy IT systems, which includes their print infrastructure.

The organization’s IT manager wanted to leverage the benefits of cloud printing and move to a serverless environment that would reduce the burden on IT. The goal was to enable flexibility and scalability to support future growth without having on-premises print servers taking up space and requiring maintenance. Importantly, they needed a print infrastructure with secured guest and pull printing capabilities.



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