Case Study: CW Print Services

A leap into digital color production printing nearly doubles annual revenue.

About CW Print Services

CW Print Services has served the Austin, Texas market for more than 30 years. The cornerstone of the company's business has been producing weekly professional real estate delivery (PRED) booklets for builders. During the 2012 real estate boom, additional work started flooding in and CW Print Services moved to a larger facility with a new technology infrastructure to accommodate rapid growth.


Often, a print services operation starts small when they first venture into digital production printing. But as they discover new capabilities and the demand for digital grows, they often take the next step to advance their printing and color capabilities even further. When that time came, Ricoh was right there for CW Print Services—offering the advanced technology and exceptional support they needed to thrive and grow.

Working closely with the Ricoh sales consultant, CW Print Services installed a RICOH Pro C7110X production printer with advanced printing and color capabilities. It was everything CW Print Services was looking for to produce jobs with fewer setup materials, quicker turnaround times and better pricing. The system delivers outstanding features, including:

  • 90 pages-per minute production for faster transitions between jobs

  • A 5th color station to achieve outstanding image quality

  • Supports a wide range of substrates including 13" x 19" and 13"x 27.5" banner size

  • Effortless, precise color matching

After being so pleased with the Pro C7110X, CW Print Services recently added a RICOH Pro C9100 digital production printer to its facility. This system offers even more options for oversized applications, enables the recreation of exceptional images and crisp text and has the ability to print on magnets, synthetics and other substrates in vivid color.


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