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Strategic guidance and support

Security consultations

Shift your IT strategy from one that merely supports day-to-day business to one that plays an integral part in building and supporting secure and strategic business initiatives.

Ricoh’s virtual technology consultants and security specialists can help you build a comprehensive security strategy that’s assessed, tested, and retested before disaster strikes. Our approach, based on governance, risk, and compliance best practices, quickly identifies vulnerabilities for security breaches, gaps that can result in cyberattacks, and other internal technology exposures before they impact your business.

Information governance consulting

Many organizations struggle with several aspects of information management, such as security and protection, retention and disposition, legal and regulatory compliance, reliability, and authenticity. Ricoh’s Information Governance (IG) consultants address these aspects, helping organizations break down silos and establish long-term, sustainable programs. We look at information as both the problem and the solution and take a proactive approach to your information challenges, setting your organization up for success to make sound business decisions.

Nationwide and global technical support

Ricoh has established Technology Centers in every region to provide technical support to our customers around the globe, responding to their needs quickly and efficiently. The Ricoh Global Services team provides standardized, consistent, end-to-end solutions. With coverage in about 200 countries and territories worldwide, Ricoh employs over 9,000 service delivery and technician professionals. Our unrivaled direct sales and dealer partner support network has the capability to do business with 60% of Fortune 1000 companies — which means that you can rely on one partner for all your global needs. By having offices and service delivery professionals in so many countries worldwide, we can respond quickly to customer requests.

Security support documentation

Ricoh provides technical documentation to support our customers’ information security requirements — including Common Criteria Validation Reports and Certificates for select product offerings. This documentation provides independent third-party validation of security claims and can be provided upon request. In addition, security white papers covering device and network settings and the Device Security Administrators Guide required by Common Criteria are also available to customers. These guides provide detailed information about how Ricoh equipment communicates data inside of the device and how the device interacts with the network. Click here to see more documentation.

End user and administrator training

Maintaining a high degree of vigilance and adhering to security best practices involves more than just technology — it involves people. Ricoh offers training on our devices — and third-party partner vendors — aimed at both end users and administrators. With the right knowledge at their fingertips, your team can understand available security capabilities and learn how their appropriate use can help your organization protect its information and comply with regulations.

Ricoh’s security commitment

Security is ingrained in our values — a commitment we do not take lightly. Whether you’re stuck in a data deluge, work in a highly regulated industry, lack resources or experience, or want the assurance of utilizing highly secured services, software, and devices, we aim to gain your trust by having the highest security standards in the industry. Our goal is to stay ahead of cyber criminals — and if they do encroach into our systems, we have a plan and systems in place to mitigate a breach.

Our pledge to every customer is to adhere to current security standards and guidelines in our products and services, work diligently to protect our customers’ data, and enable them to protect themselves. We commit to always evaluate, learn, and innovate with every initiative, looking towards the best future for our customers and partners.

Information security threats are becoming more advanced and stealthier every day. Ricoh is committed to offering secured products that protect your information assets and harmonize with your office environment and security policies. Ensuring security requires correct settings and implementation in your specific environment.

Our depth of experience and multi-layered approach can be leveraged across your organization from strategy, devices, software, services, support, training, and more. Let us help you in your digital information services journey.

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