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Establishing your ideal IT infrastructure

by Teresa Meek

A company can’t live without IT, and your setup can make or break your business.

How you configure your ideal IT infrastructure depends a great deal on the size of your business and plans to scale. But there are a few basic requirements that apply to everyone.

For hardware, you will need:

  • PCs

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices for consistent power

  • Wireless devices or the ability to accommodate them

  • Printers, scanners, copiers — and a fax machine for the occasional old-fashioned customer (You can get all-in-one machines that combine functions)

  • Servers, unless you plan to keep 100 percent of your data in the cloud

For network systems, you will need:

  • Cabling

  • Internet connections

  • An email system

  • Firewalls

  • Antivirus software

​Setting up a basic system requires budgeting and making sure that your planned office space works for the equipment and devices you need.

Infrastructure requirements

What's the right IT infrastructure for your business?

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