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Integrated Mail Services for Federal Government

Solve your inbound/outbound mail challenges

Over the past 5 years, U.S. federal government agencies, spent an average of $1.1 billion on mail and shipping services on an annual basis.*

Achieve your cost, compliance and efficiency goals for your inbound and outbound mail processes. Our customized Integrated Mail Services solution includes assessment, workflow consulting and, if needed, the people, software and hardware to deliver a single integrated system.

Help safeguard people, facilities and information

Inspect your incoming mail without slowing down mail delivery.

Threats like IEDs and "white powder" can be hidden in harmless-looking mail. Screening is of the utmost importance, but you don't want to slow down mail delivery or the services you provide to colleagues and constituents.

Integrated Mail Services provides the expertise, processes and tools you need to modernize your mailroom and quickly process envelopes and packages. We can work onsite or train your staff to:

  • Screen incoming mail in a controlled, negative-pressure environment before sorting, delivery and scanning.

  • Use X-rays with a 99.95% effectiveness rate to detect chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats.

  • Get real-time test results and eliminate the need to quarantine mail.

Build in efficiency from the start

Address regulatory compliance and improve back-office operations.

Like "red tape," traditional mail handling procedures can make it harder for you to fulfill your mission — especially in today's new world of work, since snail mail and mobile devices just don't mesh well.

We'll help you streamline every step of your mail flow to get information quickly into the hands of the people who need it, and satisfy mandates like FMR 102-192 and HSPD 7:

  • Convert hard copy mail to digital workflows, creating an audit trail and giving you more convenient access to information.

  • Gain better visibility into who can access, view and handle critical documents, and add role-based authentication if you like.

  • Allow agency workers to choose how different types of mail — transactional, correspondence or classified — are delivered and disposed.

  • Eliminate paper files by scanning, filing, storing and archiving incoming mail as images and by saving outgoing mail as images.

Lower outbound mail costs

Increase postal discounts with a sleek, smart mail services system.

No one needs to remind you that postage is a big budget item. The more postal discounts you can take advantage of, and the more manual tasks you can eliminate, the lower your costs. That's what our single, integrated system is all about — especially when it includes Intelligent Mail™ Capture, CASS™ and PAVE capabilities, and works with your existing printers, inserters and software.

  • Gain a system that grows with you and allows you to easily accommodate new regulations and service-level agreements (SLAs).

  • Handle all aspects of mail management, from document composition to printing and mail operations.

  • Integrate end-to-end process control (including monitoring and reporting) with your existing agency applications.

  • Define workflows and automate pre- and post-print tasks to reduce errors and qualify for postal discounts.

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  1. *United States Federal Government postal expenditure data was provided by the GSA, which asks all federal agencies to report their mail expenditures yearly. This data can be found at