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Document digitization solutions for federal agencies


Meet mandate deadlines and hybrid worker needs for secured information access with a holistic approach to document and data capture, storage, and sharing. With our document digitization solutions, you’ll end the challenges that come from a reliance on hard copy and unstructured digital records.

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Digitization along the maturity model is not a goal. It is a journey, and constantly measured, scrutinized and improved as needed or directed. So...it is important to circle back to your program to verify that it’s still up to date, in use, running efficiently and is delivering its intended value.

John Shaw CEO and CTO at Innovtech Technology Advisor to the CEO of Ricoh USA, Inc.

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Is your records management meeting federal directive? 

The 2022 directive deadline is almost here. With the right records management strategy, you can meet the mandate with ease.

To comply with the fast-approaching M-19-22 Directive, all Federal records - both permanent and temporary - need to be created, retained and managed in an electronic format by December 31, 2022.

The mountain of documents and files you manage and maintain can make that deadline feel imposing, especially in all their various formats like paper, microfilm, video, digital images, emails, web forms, and others.

To help you stay on track, Ricoh’s information digitization experts can help you in different ways:

  • Back file conversion: Your stored records are scanned, indexed and loaded automatically into a document management system, or business process, or delivered to you via physical or electronic media.
  • Day-forward scanning services: As files and records are produced, they are indexed and entered into an electronic document management system.
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Achieve transparency and encourage collaboration with digital records

Converting your permanent records and emails into electronic format is a big undertaking. We can help you simplify it. Our document management experts are experienced with government workflows and know what to do and how to do it, fast and efficiently - in your office or at a secured offsite location.

  • Rely on services you need today, with the ability to rapidly scale up during peak periods.
  • Protect documents with chain of custody security systems.
  • Share information anywhere, anytime to keep up with the changing preferences of your workforce, customers and constituents
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Keep up with rapid data growth

Whether your hard-copy data grows at 50% or 150%, it's probably getting harder for your hybrid and remote workers to keep up and share information in a timely manner. Our Digital Imaging Services team can improve agency operations, lower costs, boost efficiency, and simplify compliance-realted tasks in several ways:

  • Reduce the time your employees spend searching for information, or recreating information that already exists.
  • Use audit trails to streamline your responses to compliance requests.
  • Reduce real estate/office space requirements by cutting back on the amount of documents and files you have to store.
  • Help meet your environmental sustainability goals by reducing paper and energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
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Work with experience you can trust

Document digitization doesn't have to be difficult. Our professionals can help you and your team create a holistic approach to records management that meets your every goal. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessment and Workflow Consulting
  • Backfile conversion, indexing and records classification
  • Complete solution for your agency's day-forward records management

Together, we will digitize your legacy records and newly produced or incoming files, organizing your digital records in a searchable repository — either onsite or in our processing centers using the latest scanning and indexing technologies.

See how we can help you. 


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