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Digital Transformation


Digital transformation represents an opportunity to reshape how you operate for greater productivity, higher efficiency and better business intelligence.

Energy and utility companies are accountable for properly maintaining and retaining a host of records and documents — including regulatory filings, rate cases and rulings, as well as permits, certifications and inspection forms. Dispose of those records too soon and you risk regulatory penalties and fines. Hold on to them too long and you extend legal liability in the event of adverse litigation or a compliance audit. All the while, intelligence that's decentralized and difficult to access can translate into significant missed opportunities.

Digitizing processes and the information that powers them can help avoid those pitfalls. Work with Ricoh's experts to identify opportunities to redesign processes, integrate with line-of-business applications and build bridges between legacy systems and data silos. That may include Enterprise Content Management & Workflow solutions and services, which deliver centralized and automated tools for capturing, sharing and maintaining a variety of documents and records.

For a jump-start in digitizing business processes, look to Ricoh's Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services, Managed Print Services, Enterprise Support Services, Information Governance & Cyber Security and Business Process Outsourcing Services. These offerings give you rapid access to the investments Ricoh has made in digital infrastructure to serve customers like you.

Services and solutions

  • Information Governance & Cyber Security Services

    For energy and utilities, the stakes are high. Get expert help mitigating cyber security risks.

  • Enterprise Support Services

    Get the support your enterprise needs — from help desk support to an extensive global infrastructure to enable growth and expansion.

  • Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services

    Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time starts with enterprise content management.

  • Cloud & IT Services

    Use enterprise hosted and cloud services, infrastructure services, data transformation services and IT systems to fuel business success.

  • Workplace Productivity Services

    Maximize your office space and arm your workforce with tools and technology to fuel collaboration and productivity.

  • Business Process Outsourcing Services

    Focus on the massive changes and challenges in your core energy or utility business. Leave supporting processes to Ricoh.

  • Consulting

    Get expert insights, fresh perspective and tailored recommendations for improving business processes.

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  • Managed Print Services

    Ricoh's Managed Print Services make it possible for your print environment to be both environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.

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